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The Expanse thread - SPOILERS for series 3



(I have a vague fuzzy memory of some crap imitation!)


@Lorcan_Nagle, can you sort Ben out on Gobots?


No, I don’t need some bad comedy reminder, Toddscream.


Imagine a robot with a headlight for a head. That’s pretty much all you need to know about what a bad idea Gobots was.


I know. I got people to watch and they love.
I got my mom to watch it (huge win for me, but Thomas Jane helped at the start).

Just having something like that helps your name, brand recognition.
They may have a point about the money, but maybe this is a hardline re-negotiation.
It just has to survive, even if we wait a little longer between seasons.


Have just caught up on EP 5.


How can you cancel this? The Earth v Earth stuff is on a B5 level, maybe a bit more believable as most of the actors are better.

I am not a merry man.
Watching the end of this season is going to be heart breaking :anguished:


Episode 6.

So, that’s Caliban’s War pretty much complete, though there’s one bit they really need to do that I was expecting this week and we didn’t get (though the trailer for series 3 had a shot of Avasarala addressing the system while still wearing the Razorback flight suit, so I figure we’ll get the very end of the book next week)

But yeah, as fitting the episode that finishes off a novel this show was like a long stream of catharsis. Prax getting Mei back was great, as was Amos’ look when Prax referred him to his best friend, and the final confrontation with Strickland was fantastic, I love how the sound dropped everything out as Prax had the gun on Strickland - it was such a great way to concentrate all atention on Prax’s mindset and his internal conflict, Terry Chan has been fantastic as Prax and he sold the cumulation of his arc perfectly.

In terms of things which changed from the novel it’s all as good as the source or improvements. Having the hybrid be Katoa was a great touch (I’m sure like me, other book readers saw that coming weeks ago), because it adds to the tragedy. Katoa isn’t a character in the books - His father Basia (who people may recall we saw last year, he’s the one who pointed the Roci crew towards the hacker who wanted to be paid in chicken) is an incedental character in book 2, and a POV one later on, so we only know Katoa from the perspecitve of he’s missing, or when they know he’s dead after the fact. Having him be killed by Bobbie is an addiional tragedy.

In the books, Holden is the one who boards the Agatha King, so changing it to Alex and Naomi gives them something to do, and adds a bit of referral back to the underlying political conflicts in the system. And Cotyar being the person to blow up the ship was another good use of characters established in the book but not really used. In the books, a random naval officer who Holden encounters in the ship is the one to overload the reactor.

I’m continuing to enjoy Anna’s show-exclusive story, the final moment between her and Sorrento-Gillis here was fantastic. Errinright still needed to be brought down, but Sorrento-Gillis is a fucking bobblehead. Looikng forward to her book 3 story kicking off in the next week or two.

And while I was expecting a different last line, “what the fuck is that?” was a good substitute. Next week, we’re apparently getting an extended sequence to introduce Melba, who’s one of my favourite characters in the books. I’m as excited for her introduction as I was for Bobbie last year.


A preview for next week’s episode is on YouTube, but unless you’ve read the books there’s a major inadvertent spoiler in there, which could well ruin one of the biggest WTF moments in series 3.

For book readers: “hey, we gotta talk” confirmed!


A large part of me wishes I’d never read the books just because of it.

Edit: I suppose it had its own impact but not the same as it will be for those watching.


Amos! Not in front of the kids :hushed:

Now that was an amazing ep of TV.
I love that most of the changes to the story for TV have been improvements, although they may have to be careful as Amos is the best character on the Roci by a long shout at this point.
But yea, really looking forward to see where they’re taking the show now.
Please be uncancelled.


I hear there is interest in making a deal, but, like in the case of Netflix’s effort to pick up drama Designated Survivor following its cancellation by ABC, complex SVOD rights make negotiations complicated.

Amazon owns North American SVOD rights to The Expanse, while Netflix carries the series globally outside of North America and New Zealand. (Netflix also has global SVOD rights to Designated Survivor while Hulu has domestic ones.)

Still, sources close to the situation are optimistic that a deal for The Expanse is possible.


So, I’m interested to see what book readers and non-readers alike thought of that last scene. It’s played differently in the books - it happens before the expedition to the ring, and Miller is a little bit more coherent, even though he only gets one line.

Of course, everything leading up to that scene was interesting as well, we had a lot of ground covered, and it’s interesting to already have an idea of what’s changing for the show vs the book. David Strathairn’s very different as Ashford than how I imagned the book character, but very interesting. Nice to see Diogo show up again as well.

And I loved the Belter metal playing aboard the Y Que


Yea, very surprised by the last scene, it wasn’t what I expected at all, but I was still reeling for the scene before it. My jaw literately dropped when the ship stopped like that. I have never seen anything like that before.
So fair play to them for that.

With Naomi on the Behemoth, well, that’s a lot of book story changed right there. Do we know how many seasons they’re going try for? Are they planning on ditching some of the books?

That was such a weird ep, it really felt like the start of a new season. I know it was the start of a new book but it still felt odd for episode 7.

Keep praying for season 4 people!


Oh, the Belter rip off of All by myself was amazing :grinning:



I take back like five of the horrible things I’ve said abut that prick Bezos


I’ve seen speculation that they might merge Cibola Burn and Abaddon’s Gate, and then have the early events of Nemesis Games take place concurrently with the current arc - and that might work.
(major book spoilers, seriously don’t click if you’re behind!) Basically have all the Holden/Miller stuff take place on the station that controls the ring network, and have Clarissa’s redemption begin on the way back from the ring. Avasarala investigates Marco’s plan, doesn’t figure it out in time and rocks fall either at the tail end of series 3 or halfway into series 4. It’d save a lot of money by virtue of removing the need to do location filming for Ilus and post-attack Baltimore


Good news!
Someone should probably share in the TV miscellany thread as this is unseen by those a season behind.

Too late for me to be on internet with beers.
Had more, but goodnight!


There’s going to be nine books (plus a bunch of short stories) so I think they’ll have to combine /drop stuff eventually.


First off, on your spoilery thoughts, I think not only will that save money but keep a good consistency for now in terms of how the show looks and feels right now.

On last weeks episode which I’ve only just gotten the chance to watch - Wow! That was everything I wanted and more. I have to admit, i prefer Miller’s return scene in the books, but it really doesn’t matter considering the scene it followed.

The Expanse has come of age in a big way here I think and the mid season book change they’re doing is pretty refreshing and there’s strong momentum for the overall story because of it.

If I’m honest I never thought this series would make it this far, now I’m even starting to think it could potentially have an uptake like GOT. Maybe not that big, but I think it will make waves. After that episode it’s a no brainer that it would get picked up by someone. That ring sequence will have people pushing others to watch never mind the final scene. Fantastic stuff.