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The Expanse thread - SPOILERS for series 3


Oh, I remember, I was thinking it could be different this year due to the later start date.


Hopefully, you’re right.


Netflix Germany will likely once again not get it before the end of the year :angry:


As far as I saw it was Netflix everywhere got it that few months later, dropped the same time and day in the UK, Malaysia and Germany. In North America it isn’t on Netflix.


Was busy last week. Just caught the episode now. Wow, right back into it and it must be good because I’m talking out loud (called Sadavir Erinnwright a fucking prick).
Going to make sure I watch Wednesday nights as this is too damned good to wait.


He’s another character who’s barely in the books but has been expanded on greatly for the show. They’ve even given him a bigger role over what was originally planned thanks to loving Shawn Doyle’s performance


Like SeanR, I did not watch ep1 until the weekend, Due to spoilers, My review was going to be very detail free( Ship gets new name, Bobbie spends a lot of time clanking around in her, etc…) But since ppl have been warned, I will get more specific.

Like SeanR, when Errenwright is manipulating the Sec General, i was calling him names. I’m sure he is hoping Christiene(sp) gets “accidentally” shot before presenting her evidence.

My favorite scene is where Holden just ignores Naomi completely and changes the destination of the Pinus Contorta (new name of Rosi) and the rest of the crew all agree with him. I like the new Amos. I think he is going to be even more dangerous than he has been in the past. The treatment of Naomi reminds me of the panel I went to in Toronto where they were slightly in character in their treatment of the actress who plays Naomi. Frankie, who plays Bobbi, even joined in. I am hoping Bobbi will meet the crew soon.


What a great episode! Loved that space battle, really nicely done.
I was surprised with the change in Anna but I guess we’re really starting to go off book in places.


Yeah, making her blonde? What were the producers thinking?

Jokes aside, I really liked Anna here, it got her earnesntess and enthusiasm perfectly, And her holding up the cushion up to Nani and Nono was a perfect adaptation of an important part of her character in the books. I really hope they keep the bit from Abaddon’s Gate where she’s slightly unhinged on amphetamines.

The fight between the Roci and the patrol ship was a great illustration of how space combat is more likely to be like than Star Wars style swooping and dogfighting (not that there weren’t a few physics howlers, like the missiles having an area of effect like that), using the missile detonation EMPs as an effective smokescreen was a wonderful moment.

And for the amount of times it happens, I really hope Wes Chatham enjoyes being trussed up in a haress for wire work.


Episode 3.

I’m liking the additions to the book especially this week. A big flaw of the books, especially early on is the tight third party narrative with only a few characters means you’re only getting a narrow POV. That’s Holden and Miller in book 1, and Holden, Bobbie and Avasarala in book 2. By giving us time on Earth with Anna and Errinwright (Anna’s a POV character in book 3, but her appearance here is all new material like Bobbie’s actions prior to Ganymede last year, or Avasarala in series 1), we’re getting a better idea of the war than the books had at this point. The whole thing with trying to take out the Martian missile platforms illustrated that (and Anna’s conversation with The Bobblehead) quite well.

It was nice as well to see the posturing fall away for the most part on the Roci, with Avasarala cutting through the bullshit as soon as she’s able to. Also, Alex’s lasagne saves the day again.


Keep getting busy Wednesday nights. Watched the second episode the Saturday afternoon after. Watched the 3rd episode the night after (Thursday, last night). Start just before sundown. Prefer no sunlight coming through the windows.

There is no wasted space in this series. The second episode continued an adrenaline-like feel. During the 3rd episode (early to middle) I kind of liked the easier pace.
Don’t interpret as slow or boring. I was definitely engaged (every scene has me glued), but after those first two episodes I felt like like I had entered the bar and started doing vodka shots and Jagr-bombs. It’s okay to chill with a beer for a bit.

Tension at the end got me feeling ramped up again. All in the story and the (well done) way it’s told, but I’m wondering if I should be watching on weekend afternoons.

Like I said, started before sundown (about 8:20 for me), but I’m up early, so finishing at 9-ish, getting to my pillow 9:30 good.
This was accomplished last night, but my brain was still going. Past 10:30 anyways. A testament to how good it is I suppose. But probably should be a Winter or Fall show. That’s just me.

Had more, but I’m starting to ramble (home early today).


I’m pretty amazed how much better this show is getting.
I really like the changes they’re made, they are really giving the story room to breathe.
I loved the Bobbie v Amos banter, so is this or Legion the best show on TV at the moment?

Who cares, we are very spoiled right now.


Oh man! Talking to the TV? I’ve upgraded to yelling and would’ve hurled the remote through it.

You’ll know it when you see it.
I should be going to bed but I’m wired like I just had a pot of coffee.


I’m firmly of the opinion that series 2 and 3 have taken what’s pretty much the best book in the series and made it even better. At this point in the story all the POV characters are on the Roci, so you get a chapter of Holden doing captainy things, Avasarala doing political things, Bobbie doing marine things and Prax doing anxious father things, but all internal to the ship, or eventually when they get to Io. By adding the perspective of events on the Agatha King, there’s more depth to the story.

Naomi’s conversation with Holden is especially interesting because (spoilers for the books) it kinda sorta spills the beans totally on Marco being out there, and totally foreshadows Filip re-entering Naomi’s life. But of course in the books Holden knows none of this until after the Free Navy make their move. I saw some speculation that the show might truncate or totally skip Cibola Burn, and it wouldn’t be the worst way to do that if they were to do the start of Nemesis Games concurrently with Abaddon’s Gate - so maybe that one big thing happens while the crew is away?





Mo ther fu cker


Are they fucking insane?? Finally my mates are all talking about and watching syfy (Expanse and Happy) and they pull this shit. They are about to hit real traction with The Expanse as one of the best shows on TV. Why go this far then pull out at the point where all the big big shows kick in for mainstream like Breaking Bad and GOT.

Utter fucking idiots.


They are Syfy… Of course, they’re idiots. They’re Unicron for SF TV.


Not Unicron.

Gobots. They’re fucking Gobots.