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The Expanse thread - SPOILERS for series 3


Could be related to Netflix being the rights holder outside the US, Canada and New Zealand.


Might be given time Netflix issue DVD a la Daredevil and their other series.


Who wants promo videos? Adam Savage visited the set of the show during the production of series 2 and got a load of nice bits on the props, the effects work and chatted with Wes Chathan, who plays Amos, showrunner (and TNG and Farscape alum) Naren Shankar, and Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham, the two-headed author James SA Corey

He was there to film some official promo material for the show too:

Oh, and spoilers:


That’s a standard warning. None of the blu-ray reviews mention a problem with the region, so it should be fine.


I tend to be a little paranopid in this respect. :slight_smile:


Season 2 certainly hits the ground running. It’s so great to get back into this.


The attack on Thoth station in episode 2 was awesome, wasn’t it? The Roci vs the stealth ship was one of my favourite spaceship battles in recent years.


It was amazingly shot. I loved that there was a space battle without explosions, just railguns perforating their targets until the crew or the engines are dead. Seeing the bullet trails go through the cockpits was beautiful and unsettling.


It was one of the scenes form the book I was hoping they’d keep in the show and get right - and they did such a good job. And on rewatching it when it hit Netflix, I only then noticed the stealth ship got the Roci with a glancing blow that left a glowing hole on the hull, at the point when they fly around the station ring and the stealth ship is there. It’s a blink and you miss it moment, but such great detail


Loved Miller’s send-off (though I expect we will see him again, in one form or another).

Was this the ending of one of the novels, Lorcan? It kind of feels like a new storyline, with new characters and plot beats after the end of Eros Station.

The bits of interaction between Amos and Alex were fantastic. And I loved how Amos got to the analyst. That guy is the best character on any show anywhere right now.


Series 1 and episodes 1-5 of series 2 are a fairly accurate adaptation of Leviathan Wakes, Bobbie’s team on Ganymede is the first scene in Caliban’s War.

There are a lot of changes to the books though - Miller’s time on Ceres is different (there’s a whole plot about the organised crime gangs stealing Star Helix’s riot gear and then sneaking away to pose as the cops on Eros, he doesn’t wind up nearly getting killed by the OPA, Havelock doesn’t get speared by angry belters), nobody stows away on the Roci when they head to Eros (and there’s no stressed encounter with an MCRN ship), and Avasarala and Bobbie aren’t in book 1 at all. All their scenes in series 1 and the start of series 2 are whole-cloth creations.


Interesting! And yeah, that’s what I would’ve thought, episode 5 ending the first novel.


Started watching this last week. I was hooked pretty much from episode #2. It’s right in my wheelhouse. And, it gets even more captivating with the subsequent episodes. Thanks for the recommendations, guys.

The wife’s not so keen, tbh. But, it’s winning her over too.


Warned yeh.


I’m so excited for series 3, just to see how much of the third novel gets adapted, and how you guys react to what happens!


I just realized I’m such an avid fan of this thread I’ve read intently and barely hearted. So I went heart crazy.

This was a double heart!

Ep 6 or 7 should should seal the deal I’d say, but the second season is when things really become ‘universal’ in a story telling perspective. There’s much more of an emotional anchor. It’s great.


My girlfriend is very much hooked on it, but it does play havoc on her nerves. The constant bleakness and horror, not to mention the political mirroring of everything terrible in our present is taking its toll on her, too. She kind of wishes she could stop watching it :slight_smile:


Finally booted up Season 2 and watched eps 1-2.

Ep 1 is a pick-up / set-up ep in that it reminds you who’s who and where they’re going, while throwing some new characters into the mix. That it includes the crew of the Roci verbally ripping Johnson a new arse was a bonus.

The second ep however…


It’s very, very rare in the field of TV SF to say you just watched something wholly new, something never seen before. Because that’s what this ep gives you in the form of a space battle unlike anything anyone else has done. It is unique, cleverly shot and so smartly worked out. And that’s not factoring in what happens once one of the breaching pods makes it to the station… Nor is the ep without moments og humour, namely that FedEx is still in business but on a inter-planetary level, just proves that the post will always be needed.

There’s a whole lot more I could probably say, but it’s better that you go and watch it.


Just so happens last night I was searching for when season 3 will arrive (as my brother had told me Feb. 1st).

No date confirmed for season 3 yet. The speculation is they want to avoid the Winter Olympics.

Here’s what we know about season 3…


I remain positive that David Straithain is playing Captain Ashford.