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The Expanse thread - SPOILERS for series 3


Steven Strait and Wes Chatham especially stepped up between series 1 and 2. I love that Chatham rereads The Churn, the novella about Amos’ youth in Baltimore to get into character for the show.

Frankie Adams, and yeah, she was great. I love that the producers refused to compromise on finding an actress of Polynesian descent and was built like a brick shithouse. With the exception of Ade in series 1, they’ve done a great job of casting within the ethnicities of the books’ characters. And even then, Ade’s only in one episode, and I can see some sense in changing her ethnicity in terms of Holden’s character


Give it at least 2 episodes.

I watched ep 1 and I was: Ehh, take or leave, 'sallright. Watched ep 2 and: Damn, that was it, watched the next one, and the one after, and then all the way to the end of series 1.

What it is is the smartest SF TV in years and arguably the only one that actually recognises exactly how hostile an environment space is to humans, along with being utterly massive.


I love that it’s a hard SF show with a huge amount of scientific rigor and it doesn’t hand-hold the audience. There’s so many little touches that go uncommented on - like the rubber coating on the hard edges on the Roci. So if someone’s unsecured when the ship has to make a high-G burn they’ll only get a bad bruise instead if being cut open.


I didn’t know that, that’s cool. Yeah everyone seems so much more commited than they did in season 1, I wonder if many of them thought it was going to be shit before they actually watched the first season themselves and realized they were actually in a quality show and became fans themselves. :joy:


I’m sure there’ll have been predecessors, but nothing I know of nails what Expanse does.

It does have a restricted sense of wonder to space, but it tends to show the horror of the environment far more and that’s really rare.


There’s a lot of SF novels in the same wheelhouse as The Expanse, but so little on TV. Maybe Defying Gravity would have had the same sense of Space as a dangerous place if it hadn’t been cancelled so early.


Amazon had Oasis, based on Michel Faber’s “The Book Of Strange New Things,” but it doesn’t look like they’re making any more of it.


Hi folks

Looking for some help

Does anyone know where I could get a decent recap of season 1?

I started watching the first episode of season 2 but I’m a bit lost and can’t remember exactly what happened towards the end of season 1

I have a rough idea but I enjoyed season 1 so much that I want to savour this and appreciate the weight of all the plot threads and scenes - I think it might take me an episode or 2 to get my head back in it and I don’t want to waste any episodes


Well this is on the SyFy YouTube channel:


HAha that was one of the results that came up when I searched on YouTube - hence my plea for help on here.


Right, fine

This one seems to be the best I found on a quick look around, the guy goes through it episode by episode. Mispronounces a lot of names but seems to hit the important notes.


I gave it a quick watch there it was slightly more helpful than not watching anything

You’d think Netflix would do a quick 5 min recap of these things when they have the only uk rights to them.

It would be helpful just to get a 5 min recap and wouldn’t take too much time to do it.

I’m now wondering whether to just rewatch season 1 - if I had more time I wouldn’t even hesitate.



Thanks mate

Where did you find that? I obviously didn’t look hard enough!

This is ideal - exactly what I was looking for.


I did a search for recaps, and that was a suggestion off the end of one I watched (that casually spoiled something from books 5 and 6, so I wasn’t going to link to it!)


Yes, I love this show.
And I agree with @Lorcan_Nagle about the first four episodes of season one.
I think I was already in before that, but after 4 episodes was the point where I knew I could push this on others including non-sci-fi people (and I did get some watching!).


Oh my God that’s awesome. If the whole series is like that, I’m pre-ordering the DVDs now!


If only we could… Sadly, only Region 1 so far. Gits.


That seems a really weird decision.


According to the description, the S1 Blu-ray is region-free:


I’m kind of inclined to grab the R1 DVDs, as I do have a multi-region player.

EDIT: Also the Amazon page has this note about the BR too:

*Note to customers
Region A encoding. This Blu-ray will not play on most Blu-ray players sold in the UK [Region B]. This item requires a region specific or multi-region Blu-ray player. Learn more about Blu-ray regions