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The Expanse thread - SPOILERS for series 3


Series 2 has hit Netflix outside of the US, so why not take this opportunity to give the series its own thread?

So here are the rules:

  • Tag spoilers for series 2 for at least a couple of weeks

  • Tag spoilers for the books beyond where the show’s finished, obviously

  • Watch the doors and corners, that’s where they get you

  • it reaches out it reaches out it reaches out it reaches out


Yay, it’s confirmed - time to re-activate Netflix.


And it’s uncensored - they went harsher with the language in series 2 and all the fucks were blanked out on SyFy (but left intact when it aired on Space in Canada, eh?) - and they’re thankfully left in on Netflix as well. And they didn’t blur the brief partial nudity as well


When does it hit Netflix inside the US dammit?



I know, I actually tried to see if I could get Space’s broadcast because of that but no luck :angry:


You can watch it on if you’re subscribed to one of a dozen different TV providers, but it looks like it’s not coming to any of the subscription streaming services in the US.

It’s actually marketed as a Netflix original outside the US and Canada.


It’s still in the pay per episode stage. Hoping it frees up soon - I’ve been waiting all year but feel wrong paying $3 an episode.


It’s on Amazon but only the first season is included in Prime at this point. I keep waiting for the second season to go over to Prime.


I just checked and it’s On Demand now. That’s my weekend viewing sorted!


It’s very good.

Oh sorry, what that a spoiler? :rofl:


I haven’t watched this yet. It’s good, I take it? Worth lining season 1 up for straight after we finish Defenders?


It’s much better than Defenders.


It’s one of my favourite shows of the last few years, hard SF space opera based on a series of novels. It takes a couple of episodes to get going due to some storytelling choices best discussed after you watch, but I’d say try episodes 1-4 and see what you think.


I wasn’t really comparing them :blush: Just asking for a recommendation for after I finish that (only got a couple more episodes to go).


It’s the best Sci-fi show in years


Cool. Haven’t watched a decent sci fi in a while. It was probably going to be this or Sense8 next.


My rewatch of series 2 has hit episode 5, “Home”. I tagged this as one of the best TV episodes of the year, and I stand by that. While the show has been excellent, this was the first time it surpassed the books IMO.

The feeling of isolation they were able to add to Miller being stuck on Eros alone worked so well. In the books there’s little to differentiate the dialogue between him and Holden from any other moments, but just by flipping between the Roci and Ganymede added so much. Similarly the decision to give almost the last 10 minutes to just Miller and the Protomolecule/Julie gave the story a lot of poignance. And the final montage of Avasarala looking out at the stars from her rooftop,
the Roci crew pouring out the good Ganymede gin and saluting their fallen comrade, and finally Eros falling into Venus. I didn’t cry this time, but I came damned close.


I’m a huge fan of Sense8, and it’s probably my favourite show of the last few years. They’re both SF, and have some themes in common, but are two very different strands of SF at heart.


Yeah, it sets up a lot but nothing falls into place properly until it finds itself and and I felt there was issues with acting and chemistry I but these were practically non existant by the time you get to series 2, the acting is much more commital and they have a better handle on how to present the narrative of the books.

It’s definitely worth sticking with if it takes a little to get into.


Once Bobbie Draper entered the frame everthing seemed to feel like it had more emotional weight to me. The character gave a real sense of soul to the understanding of the world itself on the show that I don’t think was apparent in the first season. I can’t remember her name right now but the actor playing her was fantastic on numerous occasions.