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Got mine today, with a lovely personalised message from his Garvey-ness. @DIZEVEZ - the art is fantastic. Not sure if it takes you ages, but it certainly looks like it does. We have no right to expect this level of detail in a 24-pager.

I like how gritty @mattgarvey1981 has got with the setting and tone this time around too. Look forward to seeing where this goes. Excellent work guys, congrats on the sales so far!


Oh wow!! Thank you so much!!


I read this issue last night and enjoyed it hugely. The writing is great - really tight and economical, with no words wasted, and the story constantly moving forwards. I loved the characterisation of the title character and the twists and turns the story takes. The final pages make me very eager to read the next issue.

And the art is fantastic - highly detailed and atmospheric, with some great effects that really enhance the story. @DIZEVEZ, I love the way the panel where the two detectives look down at the Ether on the street below uses subtle blurring effects to create a sense of depth and focus. The action scenes were really energetic and dynamic. The character design is great (and makes for a really eye-catching cover). And the quieter scenes towards the end of the book had a real power to them that came as much through the art as through the dialogue - particularly the scene in the shower. Really effective stuff.

Finally, I should say that the production values of the comic itself (the heavy card cover, the paper used and so on) really go a long way to make this feel like a quality product.

I’ve enjoyed all of Matt’s work so far but I genuinely think this may be the best issue yet.

(And not just because it features a fat bearded man called Wallace - be kind to him, OK @mattgarvey1981?)


I’m calling it now. Next Garvey comic is the spin-off Wallace PI, where Wallace hands in his warrant card, moves back home to New Orleans and becomes a private detective. Former PC Jones is his sidekick/snitch.

This stuff writes itself :wink:


Wanted to wait for the hard copy before adding my thoughts. First off, the comic is dark, really dark. But the subject matter is handled well. The writing is sharp, without losing the human element the story requires. The pace is quick, and there’s an excellent twist to start off the first issue.

In terms of the art, I was a tad hesitant at the painted interiors after seeing a couple of the sample pages above, but couldn’t have been more wrong. It works brilliantly; kind of how I’d imagine the impressionists painting scenes from Max Payne would appear. The hazy lines produce great movement to each panel and add an almost nightmarish vision to it, which is suitable considering the storyline. I love the front cover. It’s a superb design. The Ether has such an instantly-iconic look.

Only thing that slightly jarred for me was the exterior of some of the buildings. I’m guessing it’s meant to be set in England, going by the mask, but they looked more New York than London (apologies if this is not the case).

A big hat tip to both @mattgarvey1981 and @DIZEVEZ for a very good opening issue. If you haven’t bought one, I’d recommend you bug Matt to stick your name on the list for his second print run.


All such lovely comments!
Thank you all so much…makes me wish I didn’t wipe my genitalia on certain peoples comics now…oh well!
I love you all and you are all amazing


That’s what the smell was!


I am sooo glad you noticed this! After painted, looked and it and took in the dialogue that The Ether was the real focus of the panel. How to portray that, I thought. Then going back to film education, how would you show this in a frame of film. Then it clicked, literally put the focus on The Ether. And it fit well, I think, because @mattgarvey1981 script is so cinematic.
I do not think this is a technique generally employed in comics, so I am sooo thankful for you feedback on this in particular!


My real life copy of The Ether came in today’s post.

My god, this art looks sooooo good @DIZEVEZ. And it is one thing to make beautiful pictures, but quite a different skill to be a great storyteller. This comic proves that you have the chops to be both.

And @mattgarvey1981, thank you for your kind message. Let me just say, I’m working on it.


@mattgarvey1981 did a great job of explaining the character and the cover is actually THE FIRST image that I did of the character! I am overwhelmed to hear you use the word “iconic” :raised_hands:

It is set in the outskirts of London - right @mattgarvey1981? Most of the references I had DID look like old parts of New York, which I found very interesting. Please give me more info and advice about how I can make it more authentic- I would LOVE to hear it.


You are the first to say that, and I am so pleased beyond words.


It’s set in East London and Soho, but I think you did a wonderful job…I live in London…and I saw London. :slight_smile:


I was thinking of doing this at one point to hammer home that it was London


Boom! :slight_smile:


In good company there Mr. Garvey :smile:




Woah, amazing. Great story, and glorious art.


Thank you kindly :blush:


Spotted in the wilds of St Ives…


What is the something and Divine come that is trying to take over my shelf space?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: