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Came home to find my, triple signed copy, waiting for me! Can’t wait to sit down and read your words Matt and bask in your fantastic art @DIZEVEZ. I may even crack open a beer to drink as I read it.


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Can not WAIT to hear what you think!! Would LOVE to hear your analysis!!


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In the end I couldn’t wait.

Matt - Best of your work so far, and the other Garvey books are all great. The subject matter touches a nerve, as I think it will with many parents, helps you root for The Ether even more. The mid-point reveal was unexpected but added a whole new layer of depth to the character, which is fantastic. As well as delving briefly into some historical elements of the character near the end. I also found the fact that The Ether and P.C. (Gar?)Jones have a history establishes the character as familiar and having existed before the book takes place. I got a bit of a From Hell vibe from the end of the story and I’m interested to see if that aspect of the story does play out in the way I think it might.

Dizevez - Your art is gorgeous, the choice of medium really brings the panels to life. The blurry elements of some helping to show the movement, while the sharpness and detail of others showing the stillness. The imagery gives the action a nicely visceral edge that helps to shape the audiences understanding of the character. There are little details that keep the continuity in the scenes too, the rug at the pornographers for example.
I also liked the fact that The Ether unmasked was instantly recognisable and clearly based on someone well known (at least I hope so!). If I didn’t know better I’d say you and Matt are looking to get a film of The Ether made and are suggesting cast members through the art.

Overall a damn good first issue and I can’t wait to read more of it!


That is exactly the kind of analysis I was hoping for from MillarWorlders!
Such an insightful point about the rug - and YES you are exactly right.
Since action was so quick and “camera” change was so extreme; I put the rug to ‘ground’ the scene!
I think The Ether would make a FANTASTIC film or TV show actually. That was the FIRST thing I thought when @mattgarvey1981 sent it. The art was sort of driven by this, also, in my mind. The lighting and compositions are all driven for a cinematic feel


Well look-y what we have here:

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