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Ether #1 - Just finished this issue and have to give my compliments to @DIZEVEZ and @mattgarvey1981. The story is well put together and delivers a poignant punch with a little bit of a turn at the end. I’m not always a fan of painted interiors as I feel they sometimes compromise the storytelling in the art. However, @DIZEVEZ does a superb job of serving the story first while making beautiful art. I especially like the mask and likeness of the protagonist. I do have to say the story itself is a bit dark for my taste but that is more an issue of personal preference as there is a high degree of craft present in this issue.


Hey @mattgarvey1981 - let’s talk business.

Can I get a bundle of your comics sent to Australia?

(signed maybe… With little personal notes about how great you think I am? Pretty please?)

If not, just the bundle would be cool. I’ll even pay you in real moneys.


I am floored - thank you so much. Being on Millarworld for a little while now - I know you speak the truth and your opinion is always honest. I am so glad that I could exceed your expectations of painted art. I think I know what you mean about painted interiors. I was also worried about this when starting out, but @mattgarvey1981 story was too great to pass on.


The Ether is going world wide!!! Love it!!


Of course you can, buddy.
What ones do you want?
Let me know and I’ll price up the shipping weight exactly to try and get it as cheap as I can.


I wasn’t, I knew your art would look amazing…and I was right! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mine too and it got darker as I wrote it :grimacing:
Wanted to try an challenge myself…to show I don’t just write toilet humour :joy:

Thanks soooo much for the praise, Ron!
It is reallly appreciated :blush:


Thank you. It’s a pleasure to see talent like yours grow. Do you ever do any cons?[quote=“mattgarvey1981, post:67, topic:8269”]
Mine too and it got darker as I wrote it :grimacing:
Wanted to try an challenge myself…to show I don’t just write toilet humour :joy:

To be fair, I don’t much like Dickens because of the predicament of most of the children in his writing. So it’s a bit of a soft spot for me for some reason.

The praise is deserved. You and @DIZEVEZ worked hard and did a superb job. You really do choose the best collaborators.


I was thinking everything you’ve done so far - like a special “Garvey Collection” with the first few issues of Cordelia Swift, Transfer, Chunks and so on.


All these have your name all over them! :wink:
DM your email and i’ll send you over a Paypal request :wink:


I initially read that as monkeys :confused:

The worst thing is, I just accepted it as being something Tim would probably do :unamused:


I have been to the San Diego comic con a few times with a media professional badge - which was really cool. But not as a comic book artist since I just started and it seems the only people that know about my art for now are on Millarworld :raised_hands:


not for long! :blush:


I don’t want to pry too much but what area is local to you? Do you live in the San Diego area? Have you ever considered doing cons as an artist?


Used to live in LA, now in Orlando.
I would love to go to a con as an artist, but not sure I am ready for renting booth space in an artist alley as of yet.


Nothing stopping you!


That’s fair. I don’t know any shows in that area. I’ve done C2E2 in Chicago a couple times and it’s a really great show largely because of their Artists Alley.

If you’re considering it at all, I would recommend trying a local show first before you travel. Then, I highly recommend C2E2. I don’t think it would be quite as overwhelming as SDCC or NYCC but is still a large amazing show put on by the same people who do NYCC, ReedPOP.

Oh and talk @mattgarvey1981 into flying over and hanging out in Chicago too. I tried to come to him once. It’s his turn to come (at least a closer) to me. :wink:


No it is something I’d di.

@mattgarvey1981 would you prefer monkeys or moneys? I can do either/or.


Like you even need to ask…monkeys, of course