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Are you sure? I don’t see and option to buy, it just says “coming soon”.


Try now, buddy :wink:


100% on sale now!
Sorry about that, website hadn’t refreshed properly :roll_eyes:


Good man! Order placed.


I just saw, thank you, buddy.
You always buy my comics and I do really appreciate it.


I’ve been privileged enough to get a sneak peak at this.

@DIZEVEZ outstanding work its nice to see you develop your craft and I’m so excited to see what comes next.

@mattgarvey1981 your a f*@%$*£ talanted Bastard.

Pre order yours today people or I will fight you


Thank you so much @markabnett !! :smiley_cat:


So what can I say about the Ether?

I think that it is one of the most self assured first issues that I have seen in a long time. @DIZEVEZ does some amazing work here. The storytelling, the framing, the lighting, the action…even little things like the detail on the titular character’s mask…and are just so brilliantly done.

As for Mr. Garvey…He’s done the funny punk bank comic. He’s done the Victorian pulp comic. He’s done the sci-fi brain-frak comic. Now he’s taking us on a very, very dark ride. Is there nothing he can’t do? I’m expecting his Kung Fu rom-com musical comic any day now. :wink:

I thought this was a great first issue. It has a few moments in it which have stuck in my head.

I already want to read issue 2. So make it happen @mattgarvey1981 & @DIZEVEZ. Make it happen soon, please.


Just ordered mine :innocent:

Looking forward to this so much.


I saw, buddy!
Thank you☺️


You won’t be disappointed.


That is incredible review- thank you so much!!! I am really so glad you like it Simon. Your support means a lot to me and @mattgarvey1981


Please tell us how you like it! I would love to hear EVERYTHING you think of it.


Meh…me? Not so much…
Kidding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


‪Been asked more than a few times for a digital version of The ETHER…‬
‪Comixology may take a few months, so here:‬


PHWOAR! Just ordered me a print copy, look forward to reading it! @mattgarvey1981 @DIZEVEZ


DOrder a physical copy of the THE ETHER #1
I’ll send you the PDF straight away…l
If you dont like it?
I’ll refund you before the hard copy ships
Money back guarantee
Can’t say fairer than that?!

Maximum three day cancellation period after order.


I saw, thank you kindly, Sir!


Please tell us what you think!!! Can not wait to hear!!


Yeah…please do…but only if you like it! :joy: