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So…the AMAZING @DIZEVEZ and I are making a full comic together!!!
just thought I’d tell you…would be rude not too.



That’s awesome news.

Consider my appetite suitably whetted. I shall look forward to it.


It’s DARK…very DARK.
Not my usual :grimacing:


I mean this in the best way possible, but I honestly don’t think that you have a “usual”.

And I’m looking forward to seeing what you and @DIZEVEZ cook up.


Just to make sure you know :


Ours looks VERY different, but thanks for the heads up


Yeah, I’m more of an unusual :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just saying…


London isn’t ready for a vigilante like this…


The AMAZING @DIZEVEZ sent me over page one…and it is spectacular…even though the subject is a tad gruesome!
So proud of you DIZ!

This is the only sneak peak you guys are gonna get until the book is done, but i just wanted to show you how fantastic @DIZEVEZ’s sequestials are!


Great!! I would love to hear what people think!


Well, I think it is a work of art…


SNAP! Creepy yet exhilarating in a Heavy Metal the mag sense. Looking sharp thus far.


Great! Thank you so much for your feedback!!




I know i said that i wasn’t going to share anymore of this comic until it was ready!
But the fantastic @DIZEVEZ sent me Page two last night and my jaw just hit the floor because it is AMAZING!
So, i couldn’t help but share it…I HAD too.

The colour is slightly off because it’s still in CMYK…but still :heart_eyes:


This does look amazing, but Matt Kindt released ‘Ether’ last month. Will you need a rename? :angry:


Not sure yet.
Unless i can think of something fantastic, it is staying… :wink:


Good for you! You may accidently catch sales from ‘Ether’ searches. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, maybe! :wink: