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The Ether #2 is NOW ON SALE!


Hello, My MillarWorld Pickles,

I am gearing up for my biggest year ever with the personal goal of releasing 10 comics in 2019.
Yeah, i know…setting myself up to fail…but i’ve got seven in various stages of completion and i reckon i can push another 3 our too…
so with that in mind…its January and i know it has been a while but here is issue two of THE ETHER!
With amazing art from fellow MillarWorlder and collaborator, @DIZEVEZ

Get yours here:

I mean just look at this breathtaking cover…seriously LOOK


And the now traditional reset of my PayPal password has taken place.

I should probably invest in one of those password managers.


just saw the order, cheers, buddy


Looking forward to reading this. The Ether is up there with Red Rocket Comet as one of my favourite Garveyverse books.


Awwwww, cheers, mate.
And thanks for the order…
If you like these two wait until you see what I have for coming out later this year! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cheers for the order, @Bruce
You da man


It’s new comic book day…go buy it!


They are here…they look fantastic and if you were lovely enough to pre order it it HAS been posted today!
As always thank you so much for the support!


Always happy to receive a Garveyverse parcel!

(My phone now predicts the word ‘Garveyverse’, a sure sign that you’ve really made it.)


This looks like a really fun read! Awesome!


Great read, another Garvey-cess! Shame the postie crinkled my poster!


You bet your arse I’ve made it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Glad it arrived safe, buddy…thanks so much for the support


Oh no, sorry, mate.
It’s why I bought the more expensive cardboard envelopes to try and avoid that.
Next comic (coming REALLY soon) remind me and I’ll send another one


I don’t think that word means what you think it means :thinking:


I’ll leave it up to the reader to attribute their own meaning.


You would be shocked how interpreted that.
SHOCKED I tells yah


I like the way it sounds…