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The Ether #1 charity variant...on sale NOW!


Firstly, Both @Dizevez and I want to thank you all for selling out the first print of The Ether!
It may have only been 200 copies, but selling out in less than nine days is absolutely frickin’ LOVELY!
In addition, I have already sold 70% of our Local comic shop variant too!
We are gobsmacked!
In addition, both Diz and I have had some amazing feedback on the actual comic both on her breathtakingly awesome art and my silly hodge podge of words.
Thank you all so much!

A few people who missed out have asked if I was going to do reprint and I am…but I am not gonna be doing that until September time, when I am doing a couple of cons, because unless I am doing a big print run of ALL my comics at once…it is not really financially viable to do another 20-30 for the people missed out.
I don’t make REAL money from selling my small press comics…but that’s not the point.
It is not about money…I make comics because I LOVE comics…
In a nut shell, selling my comics for £3.00 a pop, I only make around 60-70p per comic (if I am lucky)
Once you factor in the production Costs (because I like to use good quality paper), cost of envelopes etc…it nibbles down further on that profit….it all adds up.
When I sell my comics to stores, I do so at a loss, I pay for the postage, so that they can put a small mark up on my books?
I am just trying to get my comics out there…no point having them if no one is reading them!

Anyway, I digress…
I have been kindly asked to do Small Press Day at Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham, which I am incredibly honoured to be doing.
So, Diz and I had an idea….to try and help others.

The multi-talented Diz has another Variant…a secret one.
So, I am going to do a print run of this special retro variant…

Beautiful, ain’t it?!
Instead of being £3.00 like the other cover, this variant is going be £4.00…
Well, between now and SMALL PRESS DAY on July 8th, that extra pound, along with all other profits made is going to be donated to Hero Initiative.

For those who do not know who they are or what they do, they help comics creators who are in dire straits (not the band), but those who cannot afford to pay their medical bills and stuff like that!

Which is an incredible cause and I couldn’t think of anything nicer than trying to help some of the very people that have inspired us to go out there and make comics.

So, with that in mind I declare the store OPEN!

Get your Ether #1 Retro Variant here:

So, do us a favour, spread the word and let’s raise some money for a great cause!

If you don’t wanna buy the comic, but you still wanna be Cool Hand Luke and “kick in a buck!”
You can be a hero and donate here:

Thanks for reading the post!

Lotsa love,

Matt and Dizevez


If you’re at Nostalgia on the 8th I’ll come by and say hi, Matt. :slight_smile:


You better!
I’m driving 2.5 hours just to see your ugly mug! :wink:


Gotcha beat. I flew across an ocean to see him (and you but the Underground conspired against us). :wink:


Shut up and buy a comic for charity! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tell you what. I’ve read the story and thought you and @DIZEVEZ did an amazing job but the post would eat us both up. So how about I make a donation in honor of your drive and my love of the Garveyverse. :wink:

PS - This page has a better link to their PayPal account.


Good lad, cheers!


rolls up sleeves
googles gifs for amateur
gets distracted by millions of links to other amateur activities

reverts to tried and tested anchorman memes


Yep…I had 3% on my battery…so kinda rushed the post. Oh and screw you…shut up and buy a charity comic!


Good boy, @markabnett…thanks for buying




You almost make it sound like it wasn’t worth it! :smiley:


I’m not worth a bus ride let alone a plane!


oh I wouldn’t say that


Totally worth every penny my company spent on it. :wink:

Edit: Didn’t actually get to meet Matt as it took me some time to make it to the gathering.


I am so proud slash happy for @mattgarvey1981.

I had the pleasure to meet him in London many years ago, and despite what you may think, he’s actually a fantastic person.

The grit showed bringing everything from Chunks to The Ether to life is nothing less than amazing. This is what comic fans dream of doing but Matt’s actually done it. And he’s not even doing it for monkeys! He’s doing it out of love!

If Matt was a sexy female Doctor Who companion I would probably marry him/her.


Amazing Amazing!!!


I don’t think “slash happy” means what you want it to mean.


Or… Does it?


I do have nice legs…and my wife always says I’d be someone’s cup of tea! :grimacing:

Thank you for the kind words!
I know I have said it before but I couldn’t have done is without the support of this place…especially some of the old Skool crew like you, @James & @Sanjay, @Bruce & a few others.
You all REALLY helped encourage me in those early years…
So, you have no one to blame except yourselves…