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The ending of Tokyo Ghost. SPOILERS!

I’ve been reading this series since the beginning and really enjoying it. I didn’t realise it was going to be a ten issue shorter series but I’m glad it was. The story progressed at a nice pace and I enjoyed it even if it did feel a little rushed at the end (although this may be down to the fact that I was four issues behind and read them all last night).

I am interested in how others have interpreted the end of the story. The way I see it there are two ways the end could be taken.

  1. It plays out exactly as it appears to. Davey is in the process of mind-jacking the planet’s population, mid countdown he is attacked allowing Debbie time to regain control take the mask and blast world with the EMP. Davey appearing at the end sets up the possibility of a further storyline and makes it clear he is as clever as he wanted Debbie to believe and somehow downloaded himself onto a gameboy cartridge.


2 Davey is in the process of mindjacking the whole population as he begins the countdown to the mass suicide Debbie’s consciousness begins to be uploaded to his digital world. He has already said everyone will live in their own perceived perfect world. In Debbie’s perfect world Davey is stopped she harnesses the EMP and lives on in the digital realm. Her paradise is rebuilding the world and teaching people to be self sufficient. Essentially taking on the role of the “warlord” of Tokyo.
The appearance of Davey at the end showing that he can’t resist coming to torment her in her paradise.

Personally I lean towards the latter but I’m a bit of a pessimist!


I hadn’t considered that alternative interpretation but I like it.

It initially popped into my head during the countdown and then it got stronger and stronger as I read through the closing pages.

I want to believe the first, but now that you’ve said it, the second seems more plausible. She never would have excepted her digital realm if Dent was there after he had died.

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