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The Empress #1 advance review thread!


Here’s the first reviews, folks. Mostly spoiler free too. The rest of you can join in on April 6th…



Thanks for sharing Mark. Counting down the days. I cant wait to read issue 1.


Second advance review is in and it’s another 5 stars. Both female reviewers, interestingly. This one is Lucy Myatt from what I would call the South and Liverpudlians would call The North :slight_smile:

So great. I love her enthusiasm:



I love it when anyone enjoys any comic this much. I also think she’s dead on with this review. I can’t wait until it’s out in the world. I’m usually not huge on variants but I wish I could talk my LCS owner into joining up here to get the variant. I may have to hit up Jim’s local for it.


You could try Forbidden Planet they have a few variants for preorder already. I tried to pay my LCS upfront for Empress but they wouldn’t take my money:(


“I feel sorry for any comic that comes out in the same week.”

That’s about as good as it gets.


Two guys almost weeping about how good Empress is:


I can see the pitches…

Pitch - This comic will make you more attractive to members of the opposite/same sex depending on your preference and comes with a free speed boat.

Response - Sorry mate, Empress is coming out this week.


AICN reviews Empress: