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We used to run these back in the day, and with so many new writers joining us it makes sense to bring it back. The premise is simple. Draw a single page sequence of panels that show a scene. Can be an action scene, a moment of quiet, something funny. It should be dialogue free - we’re here to see your artistic talent.

For this one, in honor of the madness about to hit:

Draw about a minor Star Wars character.

You can have a sequence of Vader fending off a sneak attack. Boba Fett earning his reputation. Chewy combing his fur. A day in the life of Jabbas ass wiper. Skys the limit here. When you’re ready PM me a scan of the page and I’ll post them all together in one thread. Let’s say we’ll give till January 22nd for all entries to be submitted, which is about 6 weeks. Plenty of time over the holidays to put something together. Everyone can enter, there are no prizes, but it’s a great way to practice drawing and getting feedback from others. Questions? Post below.

Come here to grieve once the contest has concluded...
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Not to be confused by the communal pull off?!
That’s round back…


… all part of a community reach-around programme?


i’ll set them up and you knock 'em down, kiddo! :wink:


You really do not want me to draw anything.

Blood, maybe. I can do phlebotomy. It’s those damned pencils!


52 posts in the write off thread, 5 in the draw off thread (4 of which are wisecracks).

When going through the art nominations we saw maybe 30-40 guys that should be working in the industry today, another 200 or so that could get their with practice. We specifically asked for sequential art as that’s how you get offered a gig - not covers. Sequential shows you understand comics and know how to draw.

Yet none of the thousand or so artists who entered the annual competition are showing any interest here. Folks, if it’s your dream to draw comics for a living you need practice. There’s paying gigs waiting, this is a great opportunity to get noticed, there’s hundreds of hungry writers checking out the forum all the time, this is one of those opportunities you should be taking advantage of.


Too many opportunities here. :slight_smile: But I’ll bite. Got the inkling of an idea and a few favorite minor leaguers to choose from. Should have something ready, maybe after the weekend. Cheers.


Through poor choice of words, I tried to say the same thing in the collaboration thread. I can’t say anything negative, as the few artists that I have reached out to have been receptive, and generous with their responses, and some with their art.

But just for the sake of analogy, by what appears to be the case through a few of these threads…

In the film world:

“Actors” will go to a 6 - 10 week acting workshop, then, with no on-camera experience or little on-camera experience, and minimal reading comprehension, they want to start getting paid right out of the box in one of the hardest fields - ever - to make a living. All with dreams of being A list actors.

On the flip side, writers - by default - often must become directors to get their work made. Then further, by default, writers must become producers. Often funding their projects - featuring the names of the actors more than anyone, in trailers, posters, etc.

Actors are taught that they are being taken advantage of if they are asked to practice their craft without getting paid (student films, short films, no budget films.) Writers are taught that if they want to practice their craft, they have to assume all positions in the hierarchy of filmmaking and pay everybody.

By this, it may seem like acting is the way to go, but - all those actors who aren’t practicing their craft are looking to do something else after a few years.


Well, the idea I had was funnier in my head than what came out, but I’ll submit mine anyway. I think I failed the challenge since I wasn’t able to succinctly able to get my message across in one page. Ended up drawing 3 for it to really make sense, but I’ll PM the challenger with my one page anyway. Look forward to seeing the other submissions and the eventual winner!


If anyone wants to draw something off my two scripts I wrote for “The Write Off”, let me know.

The first one is an Episode III tale about a young female Jedi that was put in charge of the Younglings and how they fight off Order 66 until the promised rescue from Anakin.

The second one is an episode 4-6 era tale about a 20 year old scruffy Tatooine kid who is dared to sneak into Jabbas’s Palace to prove that the carbonite Han Solo is real.


Thanks for the opportunity, Jim. After the holidays, I’m just getting back into the swing of things and just found out about this, so will be putting something together for it. Thanks for putting this together, and hopefully interest will pick up (or hopefully the artists are all busy working on their entries and don’t want to post anything until they’re all done)!


I’ll post my 3 pages here just so there’s some art on this art post. :slight_smile: I didn’t ink or letter my pages. Trying to work on some other pages due by the end of next week. And would like to see if people get the story just on the art alone, as the challenge states. The third page is technically the one I’m submitting for this challenge.


Rey fan art.
She is a miner character the way she digs around for stuff :slight_smile:


Are you still working on this one? I noticed the first page has more background detail compared to this page. If you could come in on Saturday, that’d be great. :wink:


Lol. Thanks for getting it. I’m glad I didn’t completely fail the challenge.

I was leaving space on the 3rd page open (I know you were requesting it stand on the art alone). At some point I’ll ink it and put in lettering with that dialogue. Look forward to seeing the other entrants. I wasn’t able to think of a solid one-page vignette.



I really like the call out in this thread, I have not been in this site since the talent search winners had been announced, however, I have been doing tons of research, Reinventing Comics by Scott Mcleoud, Words for Pictures by Brian Michael Bendis, and several types of books a on drawing. All this research pointed to one thing I need the most, unbiased feedback! I’ll put on the coffee and work on a drawing to submit, and I truly hope everyone shares there opinions on my efforts, cheers!


Here is what I came up with… “Porkins”


I didn’t realize that this should have been dialogue free :confused: