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The Devil in Disguise TPB is ON SALE NOW...


This arrived today.

Cheers Matt!


I try, buddy.
But annoyed though…got my buddy Tony to do another intro for the comic, but the text goes into the middle of the book a bit…:tired_face:
All my fault can’t be help now…slightly annoying, but the rest of the comic looks fantastic!


What’s are you thank me for…YOU BOUGHT IT!


From the New Comics thread:

The Devil In Disguise #4: This was a very decent wrap-up to an enjoyable series. There are some good twists here that I didn’t see coming, and I really enjoyed the ‘voice’ of the book in general - a good balance between dark moody urban superheroics and something a bit more fun and subversive. Great work, @mattgarvey1981.


awwww, cheers, buddy.
Glad you liked it and thanks so much for all the support!