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The Devil in Disguise TPB is ON SALE NOW...


Hello my little pickles,

I hope all is well…
Not only #4 the final part of the first arc on sale now…

But for those people who are not a fan of the floppies (he he he floppies) the complete first arc is not available in a trade with a VERY special cover from one of my all time artist heroes…the one and only John McCrea! :scream:

And as an extra special treat the first hundred orders will get a limited one off black and white print of the cover…so don’t hang about!


Already ordered pal.
I will refrain from requesting my standard penis signature as I may pass it on to my mates kids.

I’ve been doing that a lot lately as he says he’s struggling to get them to read and are addicted to screens.


I know, buddy, thank you.
I’ll draw you a little willy on the inside…


I feel some Elvis comin’ on…

(For those not knowing the reference)

(Chosen for audio, not video, quality.)


Aye, go on then. I’ll double dip on this.


Believe or not that song was the inspiration for the book…
I was on the tube and saw a pregnant woman asleep and THAT song came on the shuffle…and the rest us history :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As always, buddy, you are a legend…thank you for supporting me!


Of course I believe it. I also know the name of the sequel.


Ooooo make it a “Where’s Willy?”

Ya know. For the kids.


It’ll be discreet…


Bought and bought…


Good lad, cheers, buddy!


Say it with me…

“Limited edition John McCrea Devil in Disguise print!” :drooling_face:

Can only obtained by purchasing the Devil in Disguise trade! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Limited to the first 100 orders & I only have a couple left…so don’t miss out!


#4 arrived safe and they look wonderful :slight_smile:


I almost missed this, have just ordered the trade.


I just saw, buddy!
Thank you so much


On it’s way apparently. Cheers!


posting now :wink:


They are here…and they look FANTASTIC!

Get yours now…because we are already 40% SOLD OUT!


Well of course they do - you do quality trades.