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The Devil in Disguise #2 is NOW on sale! (plus #1 is FREE to read)


Hello, You lovely MillarWorlders!

Well, it just so happens that #2 of both fellow MillarWorlder, @bedtime143 and my comic The Devil in Disguise #2 is NOW on sale!

And you can buy it right here:

BUT you can also read #1 completely FREE here too!

Because i loves ya! :wink:


yeah so.

Its really good.


like one of the best second issues, I’ve read for a long time.

deep breath

Garvey and Ahmad have produced something that I am actually invested in and would like to see more of as soon as humanly possible.


Damn right, Mark.
You know I write great stuff…plus Rob’s Art is worth the price of admission alone.
Together…unstoppable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And thanks for the order :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


15% gone already…just saying…dont miss out :wink:


This popped through my door today.


Yaaaaaaay, I’m glad it arrived safe, mate.
Thanks so much for the support.


Here’s my review from the New Comics thread.


The Devil In Disguise #2

Second issues are hard. You’ve got the setup out of the way, but now you actually have to do something interesting with it, and give people a reason to stick around.

With the second issue of The Devil In Disguise, @mattgarvey1981 and @bedtime143 pull this off well, mixing humour and enjoyable plot progression with a subversive twist on super heroics to help this book offer even more than you might have expected from the first chapter.

This issue explores Nate’s new relationship with his demonic possessor, with some fun interplay between their speech bubbles and captions (that uses colour cleverly but unobtrusively), and which reminded me a bit of the fun that Kill Or Be Killed is currently having in playing off the book’s various interior and exterior voices.

(Talking of which, this scene comes just before a great movie-homage that you see coming a split-second before you read it, and which works perfectly as a result. No, I’m not going to spoil it here.)

The mixture of humour and darkness works well, and I like the core concept of the book - a Devil who wants somebody to tackle bad guys by ‘scaring them straight’ (again, for reasons that I won’t spoil).

Ahmad’s art is very solid, with one or two real standout moments like an early transformation scene, or a later ‘hero moment’ that evokes the kind of exciting city-swinging visuals you associate with Spider-Man or Batman (or even Moon Knight, which seems to be a bit of a visual influence).

Ahmad also does well with the smaller moments, capturing expressions well and telling the story clearly. His style is really likeable - without comparing it directly to the work of any other particular illustrator, it definitely reminds me of some of the more consciously retro modern-day comics artists, with its clear lines, bold colour, and elegant figure work.


I always check out Matt’s books, as so far each has managed to offer something distinctive and fun. This is no exception, and given the way that certain plots are moving forwards here, I’m already interested to see what issue #3 brings.


Awwwwww, dude, thank you :slight_smile:


#2 goes live on comixology tomorrow :blush: