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The DC Comics Thread


Convergence: Booster Gold – It’s nice to see Jurgens writing the charatcer he created again, but this falls into the trap of assuming you’ve read 100 other comics before you read this one. It wasn’t a bad comic, but I would have preferred something more self-contained. It had a great scene with the Legion of Super-Heroes, but that wasn’t enough to vote this a “hit”.


Comixology says 58 pages, though it’s hard to tell with double-page spreads, etc.


The solicitation Ben linked to says 56 pages. Looks like it is at least double sized which means it’s probably decent enough from a price per page perspective.

I think my more pressing question would be why when he has a history of late books that they want to launch with double the content.


Because… money =P

No seriously, #1 issues usually sell A LOT more than even #2, let alone #10… So yeah, they might as well cash in as much as they can.


58 pages is a decent amount. Still a scary price tag for a single comic book though!!!


DC’s September solicits can be found in the solicit thread.


Convergence Detective Comics – Len Wein has a way of writing that feels very old fashioned by today’s standards. But you know what? I really like it. It reads like how comics ought to read. And he’s using pre-Crisis Robin and Huntress, as well as Red Son Superman. More points in his favour. And Denys Cowand and Bill Sienkiwics on art. Bill Sienkiwics! So why doesn’t this work for me? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just fed up with the whole Convergence premise, but I got to the end of this well-wrtten, well-drawn story of two cherished characters and thought… “So what?”…


7 JLA stories by Hitch? Yeah, I’d be up for that:


The first issue is seriously good. See my review in the New Comics thread.


The preview looked great. Wonder if DC’ll be smart on the trade and issue it straight to OHC like they did on Lee’s Superman Unchained and the upcoming Sandman: Overture?


That would be how I preferred it.


If so, I wish they would announce it soon so I could cancel my monthly order :smiley:

It’s going to be three weeks until I will get a free Saturday morning to pick up my comics. Dammit. I’ve got to survive on more Convergence minis until then.


I think you need to rearrange your priorities. :wink:


Convergence: Crime Syndicate – This started well, with Brian Buccellato doing a good job of humanising the villainous Earth-3 version of the JLA and making them into sympathetic characters without actually betraying their core concept (of being an evil JLA). Then the “Convergence” thing takes over and it all goes pear-shaped, with a big fight that does nothing, goes nowhere, and then fizzles out. It’s a shame, because the characterisation is really nice throughout. It’s just hung on a poor story framework (not Buccellato’s fault, I think).


Convergence: World’s Finest – Ok, so I’m not a big fan of the Golden Age Seven Soldiers of Victory. They seemed like weak and gimmicky character concepts, and poor also-rans next to the JSA. Paul Levitz’s narrator character tells us “…in a town with Superman, even a member of King Arthur’s Round Table can be an underdog”, like he’s agreeing with me. But actually I loved this comic.

The first thing that ocurred to me is that it feels like an issue of Astro City. Maybe it was the “man in the street” narration that did it, but I think more than that it’s that Paul Levitz (and artist Jim Fern) conveyed a real sense of history. Where modern DC wants everything to be New! Different!, this opens with Superman in 1940 and shows you why that’s important. And then ends with a poignant piece of meta-commentary on comics. In between that, to be brutally honest, is a fairly pedestrian story, but for the sense of nostalgia that Levitz brings, I’m going to vote this a hit.


If I didn’t trade-wait on Astro City it might be my one regular purchase. Kurt and Brent (and Alex) have been amazingly consistent over years. I have four trades, not enough! If life and the Lord were to reward me for any good I’ve done in my life, before I die I would end up healthily and happily enjoying a Red Sox game (against anybody, I’m a NL guy) with Busiek and King. It would only be right.

I may get more of Scott and Greg’s Batman, Tomasi’s Batman & Robin and maybe the trade with the Jae Lee art on Superman/Batman (or whatever the specific title is, forget at the moment). Manhattan Projects and Astro City and Mark’s scribbles are about it for the moment. Since the Nu52 I’ve felt less and less interest in DC (Marvel has been dead to me since the end of Civil War). With this ‘Convergence’ thing I feel alienated. About the only title I feel drawn towards is Hitchy’s JLA, and there is a $6 price tag on that. Last $6 comic I got was Multiversity - the first was a hot mess, the Quitely issue interesting (but I didn’t even enjoy the art through the whole issue as much as one cover of Walking Dead - #100 - because the “trick” story clunked). Didn’t like much of the Nu52, and none of Convergence. Harsh? Yep. But that’s the way it is.


The best DC comic is not produced by DC:


As much as I like superhero comics, I do wonder if DC would’ve been better in the long run had it retained much of the Silver Age wonder and continued focusing on children and/or a younger audience for its main line of comics.

I still get a little thrill of nostalgia whenever I come across the old Curt Swan Superman comics:



I often think that as well. I didn’t read much DC growing up. I was a Marvel guy because that’s what was reprinted and available where I lived. I didn’t read anything by DC until I was in my teens.

I started to read Silver age books over the last 10 years or so and it has been a revelation. There is so much energy in them, so many ideas. No idea is too weird (Superman as a Lion is a favourite of mine…or the one where he becomes jealous of his miniture duplicate). Continuity wasn’t as prevalent, so they could do what they liked. Everything was going to be reset at the end of the issue anyway.


If Geoff Johns could ‘dislike’ your comment he would!

But seriously, I agree. Did you ever read Alan Moore’s Tom Strong? He seemed to try to keep that vibe alive.


Convergence Justice Society of America – Well, this is just wonderful. “Old super-heroes come back and save the world again” isn’t a new idea, it’s been done loads of times. It’s been done loads of times just with the JSA. But Dan Abnett, who is a wonderful writer, puts all the others into the shade. He takes his time – an entire issue – showing us old-man-Flash, GL, Hawkman, and Doctor Fate, and making sure we care about them before he throws them into peril. (Not that we didn’t care already, of course. That’s the beauty of using the rich legacy of beloved characters that DC have are you listening DC you morons??? Look at how Dan Abnett can use your much-loved history because he’s not obsessed with being New! Different! ) Ahem. sorry. I’ll continue with the review. No, actually, I have nothing else to say. This is just a perfect comic, from the start of issue 1 to the end of issue 2. That’s all.