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The DC Comics Thread


DC’s January solicitations are up in the usual spots, and collected here in the Solicitations for January thread.


And after many weeks without reading DC Comics (I was re-reading old trades from Daredevil - specially the Brubaker / Lark run), I decided to speed-read a lot of comics:

Black Canary #4 - I missed Pia Guerra. Her art changed a bit from Y-The Last Man but not much. I think I saw Hero’s face in some panels. 6/10

Batman Beyond #4 and #5 - Here until #6, and then I’m off. It’s not grabbing too much. 5/10

Bat-Mite #4 - I guess I’m liking less and less of the funnier comics. This issue didn’t grab me. 4.5/10

Batgirl #43 and #44 - Maybe I should re-read these again. I think I read both real fast and I see no reason for Babs to be with Luke. Maybe I missed something, or maybe this is relationship by decree. 0/10 for that part, 6.5/10 for the rest of the story.

Secret Six #6 - Not a strong issue. Without Eaglesham the book is not as good. 5.5/10

Prez #4 - My least favorite issue of the series (maybe without Caldwell it doesn’t work so well). 4/10

Aquaman #41 thru #44 - I decided to get all issues and I like the concepts being thrown around, but something is amiss. average 6/10

Telos #1 - Part of this book remembers me from L.E.G.I.O.N. way back. For that part I will try the Colu storyline. 5.5/10

Detective Comics #44 - I liked the conclusion, but now I’m off from Detective Comics. 7/10

New Suicide Squad #12 and Annual #1 - The Annual is the first time I saw something better from this incarnation of SSQ (it only took 12 issues!) There is a better characterization for some characters. 5.5/10 and 7/10 and I’m off the book (at least in floppy format)

Gotham Academy #10 This book continues to deliver, but they are really dragging Olive’s story. 7/10

Harley Quinn/Power Girl #4 - My HQ favorite book of the month. It brings nice memories from the Power Girl series from a few years ago. 7.5/10

Harley Quinn #20 and #21 - Without Chad Hardin on break for these 2 issues John Timms got the art chores, but I didn’t liked it too much. 5/10

Harley Quinn: Road Trip Special #1 - I haven’t read a book with Bret Blevins on the art duties for so many years. His pages were good and I had fun while they lasted. The rest of the book not so much. 7.5/10 for the BB pages, 3/10 for the rest.

Flash #44 - Another storyline that will be draaaggggeeeeddd. Not much has happened in terms of advancing the story. 5/10

Batman #44 - A story that touches on the origins of Mr. Bloom, but it’s not about it. Sometimes a case is simpler than it looks. 7/10

Batman Annual #4 - An Annual dedicated to the Amnesiac Bruce Wayne. It felt a bit empty in some parts, but the Old Bruce Wayne is still there somewhere. 5/10

Batman #45 - It says part 5, but I guess it should be part 4 of Superheavy. It touches on an idea that came from Batman Beyond (or is it the other way around?), and Gordon is still Batman. 6.5/10

Starfire #4 and #5 - These 2 issues were fun to read and I think this book may have some ground to walk a bit. After #5’s final panel, things may start to get more serious, but I need to wait for#6. 6.5/10

Green Lantern #44, Annual #4 and #45 - These books have some moments, but it’s still too weak in comparison to some years ago. Annual #4 has Alixe on art and his pages are great to look at unless you don’t like “static” art. 5.5/10

Green Lantern Lost Army #4 - It appears that the story was shifted from something in the beginning of the series to something else. It felt a bit disconnected after the Lanterns got captured. 5/10

Green Arrow #44, #45 and Annual #1 - I didn’t like the Annual, but the regular book, specially the Wolf’s story although looking like a bit off of the usual Green Arrow’s stories was interesting enough. 6.5/10 for the regular books and 4/10 for the Annual.

Deathstroke #10 - Finally finished my run on Deathstroke. I don’t understand the end and where the blood sacrifice stuff comes from. It looked like a poor excuse… 4.5/10

Justice League of America #3 - The art is great to look at, but the plot feels a bit lost or maybe it’s still early to connect some pieces. 6/10

Martian Manhunter #4 - This book continues to be a pleasure to read. It will be interesting to see where this is going. 7/10

Wonder Woman #44 - (Yes I’m reading this…) Not much story here. The Donna Troy characterization reminds a bit of Starfire’s characterization. Maybe that is a coincidence, maybe not… 4/10


And later evening I read these 3:

Omega Men #4 and #5, The story continues to grab me, and I’m really happy that this book wasn’t really cancelled at #7. I hope they get at least the 12 issues they need to tell as best as possible a complete story. On #4 we had a guest penciller but the book kept the same kind of layouts / looks, so it’s an easy adjustment from the regular team. 7.5/10

Justice League 3001 #4 - This is a done in one story, and these days this kind of story is pretty rare. It focused on the new Flash lady and it was a fun read. The art was by Scott Kolins, who appropriately had a good run many years ago with Geoff Johns on the real Wally West Flash book. 7/10


DC made a statement that they’ll back it until issue 12.


Grayson #12 - This issue was good in parts (especially the encounter between Dick and Damian - best Batman and Robin team ever!), but it felt soft/rushed in part. There wasn’t a really big development in some meetings, but in order to keep with the done in one rule it’s understandable. 7/10 (9/10 for the pages with Damian)

Grayson Annual #2 - First meeting between the “new” Superman and the “new” Dick Grayson. It was a good story but nothing really special. 6.5/10

Batman & Robin Eternal #1 - Extra-sized first issue was really good. It is a very good start for the new weekly series. Will some dark secrets in Batman past bite the Robins - that last page is great and disturbing? I guess I have to read the following chapters to find out. 8/10

Batman & Robin Eternal #2 - The 2nd issue is normal sized, and the story splits between many characters, but it keeps itself focused on 3 or 4 and leave the others to shine in following chapters. Not much is revealed here.

I read six regular Superman books related to the Truth story: Action Comics #44 and #45, Bats/Supes #24 and #25, Sups/WW #21 and Superman #44.
The stories start to drag and I find myself a bit bored in respect to some books. I think I liked a bit more of Batman/Superman #25 due to Cliff Richards art than I did about the story. All books are acceptable but I hope they speed up the stories. It appears Vandal Savage appearance will be a fact for the next months (looking at solicitations!).
In average I give these books 6/10 (maybe 7/10 for Bats/Supes #25)

Justice League #44 - The Darkseid War continues and Fabok continues to deliver great art pages. I wasn’t expecting that victim on the last page. This story will continue for many months, but with so many characters getting their time to shine it will probably give a bit of depth for many of them. 8/10

Superman: Lois and Clark #1 - I really missed “my” Superman. This was the character that was Superman when I started reading comics and I always liked the phase from 87 to his Death in 92. This book picks up from what happened in Convergence, but rapidly leaves that behind and turns its own story. Secretly this Superman has been in the New 52 universe saving whoever he can. Lois is the best Lois can be. And finally Jon looks great (I just hope this Jon doesn’t turn into the Jon that was mentioned as the source for the Superboy clone - Kon-El). Although we already have a Cyborg Superman (Zor-El) in the New 52, Superman’s mission is to avoid the creation of his old Universe enemies, and in this first issue he wants to save Hank Henshaw from becoming one of his biggest enemies. Highly recommended stuff. Not perfect but great. 9/10 (10/10 for being my Superman!)


Ironically, there’s a listing on Amazon for “Omega Men: The Complete Series” which is just #1-6.

Solicitations for February

I’ve just read the latest issue of Superman and was disappointed to find that underneath the Romita cover, the art was all by Howard Porter. His art has never really been my thing, and some pages really made me miss JR. Hopefully this was just a fill-in and he’s not left the title (that hasn’t been announced has it?).
The writing was decent but I’m getting bored of this underpowered Superman. I want to see what Gene Yang can do with a more regular status quo. My suspicion is that there would be some very cool shorter arcs. At least he’s giving these current stories a fun tone that fits Superman, injecting humour and staying true to the positivity of the character.


DC’s solicits for February are up at all the usual spots, and collected for convenience in the Solicitations for February thread.


I just read through the solicits for February and while I’m not a great action figure guy, those Darwyn Cooke action figures look amazing. I am already imagining the Supergirl figure on my shelf (with the added bonus of Krypto and Streaky).

So the end result is Simon - Nil, Impulse control- 1. (as always) :wink:


That Krypto caught my eye as well.
Getting Supergirl with it is a nice bonus. :wink:


No disrespect to Azzarello
The Master Race is now the penultimate chapter and Dark Knight IV is the ending.
Solo Miller - goddamn.


Oh no. My interest in this third chapter has plummeted.


Maybe the Paris attacks got him revved up.




Frank Miller Intends to Write “Nancy Drew”-Like Carrie Kelley Series


That actually sounds kind of cool. I think it’s fun that Frank Miller, one of the authors of grim and gritty, wants to do kids comics. I think he was pushing toward a brighter and more positive portrayal in DK2 but 9/11 kind of interfered with that.


That’s actually a pretty clever title :smile:

Yeah, I think he really got “inspired” by the recent news, which I’m not sure how to feel about having read Holy Terror… =/

But hey, I’m sure at least DC are super duper happy about this =P


DKIII is increasingly less a Miller product as they get closer. That latest article is all that it’s Brian’s book and saying he’ll work on this after he’s read it, like he doesn’t know even what the story is. :smile:


You don’t think that there has been an effort by DC to obscure what input Frank Miller has into Dark Knight 3, do you? I am shocked at such a suggestion. Shocked I tell you. :wink:

Oddly, not really being a huge Frank Miller fan, this has sort of heightened my interest in the book.


Yeah, if you look at the dedicated DK3 thread then I think a lot of us saw this from the start. It’s funny that Miller’s coming out and saying it though. :smile:

Either way, we’re definitely getting some newly-written and newly-drawn material from him in issue #1’s minicomic, which will be interesting to see.