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I haven’t bought a JLA story in years but the concept and the combination of Johns and Fabok, perhaps my favourite of DC’s new art roster, could sell me The Darkseid War:


It does sound interesting. I’m also a bit curious where Superman and Batman will be going after Convergence.


It’s the NuWooHooDC - All Robots, All The Time.

It is also why Magnus, Robot Fighter still makes sense.


Earth 2: Society is something that I cannot see appealing to anyone. It’s driven away JSA fans, people who even liked Taylor’s run (I did not), and it’s coming off the heels of the awful World’s End.

Now they even got rid of the actually good redesigns and are promising just more of the same tripe that Wilson has spearheaded.


I think the series has lost the focus James Robinson’s short run had. I’d like to see some actual stories that show us who these characters are, rather than the constant barrage of E2 being at war win Darkseid that we seem to have gotten non stop recently.


New Wonder Woman costume:

The daggers are stupid, but I don’t hate it. Still not buying it with that creative team though.


I like everything but the daggers.


Looks like Superman’s going back to the t-shirt and jeans look in June


Jim Lee must be crying somewhere as all the redesigns he did back at the start of the new 52 are all changing


Can someone tell me what’s going on with the mecha Batman thing…??


I honestly kind of like those. I had wished the t-shirt and jeans look would have stuck around longer anyway. It looks like creators are possibly being given a little more leeway now.


No-one knows yet, it’s a post-Convergence thing:


Jeez… those are pretty bad… Why wouldn’t they just use the movie costumes? Those are much better than what they’re showing here. What’s with WW’s pointy costume? Are we back to the 90’s? Okay stupid question, DC’s been back in the 90’s for a while now =P


As least she’s wearing trousers/leggings! But the pointy things are just ridiculous.

So that’s Superman, as in Clark Kent Superman, in those images? not Superboy? Hm.


Well hey I was for the pants when the first nu52 costume was announced, however, here I’m not for it… The costume she has on that Darkseid War cover (top of the thread) looks good, with an armor skirt thingie, like in the movie… and no pants. But both skirt thingies and pants is overkill.

She actually looks more like Big Barda… or something that escaped 90’s Image Comics =/






Uh, yeah… OK. Suppose they could surprise, but those designs aren’t winning me over.


At the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon or not being constructive(!), but really, what’s wrong with just focusing on telling really good stories within a consistent narrative status quo? This kind of upheaval is so confusing that it can’t be good/welcoming for the casual reader, and I have a hard time believing the hardcore fans enjoy it.


Hmm, isn’t that Valiant have been doing? :wink:


This all looks very gimmicky. And it’s a big reason that I haven’t read any Big 2 comics in quite some time. I mean, this would be fine if DC ran on 3 to 5 year cycles where they reboot their universe with the idea that each book/character was going to get a beginning, middle, and end. Why they don’t do that is beyond me considering they revamp their continuity every few years anyway…but only the most confusing have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too sort of way.

But hey, I’m sure whatever DC is doing now will interest some people.