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The DC Comics Thread - Rebirth Incoming


So, the New 52 has happened, the Convergence has come and gone, the Darkseid War is ongoing, but now “Rebirth” is near.

What is Rebirth? No clue. A number of key DC folks, Jim Lee, Dan Didio, and Geoff Johns, tweeted about it. Could be a linewide relaunch, could be a reboot, could be Ted Kord coming back. Suffice it to say, it’ll probably confuse new readers, anger old veterans, and depress sales.

You also get new weird stuff, like the old 90s crossover Bloodlines, getting repurposed as a new horror miniseries.

In addition to the Rebirth, DC also has a new slate of titles about reimagined Hanna-Barbera characters.

Will any of this help DC finds success? No clue. But we’ll be there with them every step of the way, discussing their every move.

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The DC Comics Thread

I’m curious as to how the H-B books will fair. I have a feeling they may too niche.


Does “Rebirth” mean we have to watch the open to Man of Steel again?


It’s going to be Showcase Rebirth probably.
Based on new tweets.


Sorry, I’m not sure what that means?



The anthology.




wakes up
Actually, does this mean more DC Universe presents? I like presents!


Yeah pretty much.

Someone tweeted Didio a bunch of possibilities (Supergirl, Showcase, LOSH, Doom Patrol) and Didio said that it was 20% right and 20% correct.
If you sift though the wording it likely means that it’ll be Showcase…and one of these stories will be the lead feature.


I’d rather have the Daily Planet book that the guy suggested though. Oh well.

I mean the Legion was cancelled for a reason. Nobody here cares about the Legion or have any great ideas how to best bring it back, right? I thought not.


Bloodlines? As in first appearance of Hitman, Bloodlines?
As long as they fix Lobo I’m good with it.


Unfortunately, they won’t be using Hitman this go-around.


You hurt my heart JR


Wait! Are they rebirthing Showcase… or Showcasing Rebirth.



Whatever it is, they need to get a refund from their dealer.


I swear if all this culminates with Bruce Wayne stepping out of a shower…


That made me laugh out loud (and make a series of posts that had the board insult my body by calling it unvalid)

Not a bad comparison to what I think a continuity-wide reboot is like, in terms of storytelling quality


Can Superman have his shorts back now?



I’m losing interest in reboot / rebirth / Game changing events. I buy 2 D.C. books at the moment and it’s about to become 1.


Don’t let @davidm hear you say that? :wink:

We discussed that very subject at length on the old DC comics thread. By general consensus it was agreed that lots of aspects of the Legion would be difficult to make relevant to a modern audience.