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The Dark Knight Revisited


I wasn’t on this forum in 2008. Not sure this forum actually existed then? The Dark Knight was on tv a few nights ago. I own the disc but it’s one of those films I find hard to stop watching.

Finished it again earlier. It’s superb. I don’t like the fight choreography with Batman so much but the story and the performances by Ledger, Oldman and yes Bale are top drawer. One of my favourite movies of all time.

It’s watching this that really brings home how turgid SS actually was. Has anyone else revisited this lately?

I’m also, as ever, interested to know if double M himself let his feelings be known about it??


That’s something that struck me back then, in the theatre: I most enjoyed the movie when Joker, Gordon, Dent or Bruce Wayne were on the screen. When it was Batman, in costume, it was like all the air went out of it.

For a Batman movie, that’s a bit of a strange result.

I really should rewatch this; I haven’t since back then. I think it’s on one of my streaming services currently, too.


Your money back if you don’t enjoy it!!


I duuno, I have mixed feelings toward that one. Somewhere in the middle it stopped being a film about Batman and it looked more like a Heat (1995) with DC characters. Also, I am displeased with long, rambling dialogues between Alfred and Bruce. However, on techical level, the movie is quite impressive.