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The Custom Comic Binding Thread


A few people have asked about getting comic custom bound so rather than clog up other threads there might as well be a separate one. If anyone is interested in this you can always post here or feel free to pm me. I’ve probably had over 60 of these professionally done so I know most of the tips and tricks and also mistakes.When I get some spare time I’ll post some pictures of my collection including the first ones I had done right up to the new stuff (readers of the Trade thread will have already seen them)

Anyway, here are some good places to look for inspiration and an introduction to custom comic binding.

I use Hollingworth and Moss in Leeds for my binding.

The Trades Thread - Comic collections, Paperbacks, Hardbacks, Bargains etc
The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More

Sweet, thanks! I will definitely look more at this after I get off work tonight!


Here’s some pics of my custom bound books dating back to when I first started getting them done.

I started experimenting with adding horizontal lines on the spine and text on the cover. The Cap one doesn’t have a contents page but instead has the contents on the cover. The other two have fairly basic contents pages. I would later do much better pages.

I think my first bind was actually this Hickman one along with a two volume Cable & Deadpool set. They appear different as was trying out two different binderies. Bad decision as they look completely different.

Next was a two volume Iron Fist set. Unfortunately I used a stretched image for the contents page. I did get a nice little Aja sketch though.

I then decided I wanted to do a big X-Men run starting with Uncanny issue 244 (I was always a Jubilee fan when younger and this was her first appearance). I later learned that labeling them Vol 1 etc was not the best idea as it hurts the resale. If I sell volume 1 of a custom series the others are less likely to sell. I’m now thinking of creating some custom dust jackets for these. The current 9 volumes takes me up to the end of Age of Apocalypse and the plan is to go up to Schism. I estimate it will be about 40-50 volumes. I was also still tinkering with contents pages. Here I opted to be really thorough with the details of each individual issue. Not too happy with the designs though.

I then made my first foray into laminated covers with this Losers bind in which I managed to nab a quick Jock sketch. Also pictured are some other standard binds.

With my Batman run I changed it up and instead of ‘vol ?’ I went for a year band. I prefer this as it makes each bind more stand alone. I also commissioned a special Batman logo that is printed on the spine.

The G.I. Joe binds go from issue 1 right up to the current IDW stuff. There’s also my Dredd Megazine Supplements binds which contain the extra floppies that are bagged with the Megazine. Then there’s my, 2 vol per yera, 2000 ad collection. So far I have 2005-2010.

DD is one of the highlights. It’s a 3 volume laminated cover set.

My latest project was a Marvel Cosmic set.


Those look amazing. I especially love the design of the Daredevil set.

Have you sold many of your custom binds on? I’d find it hard to get rid of something I’d put so much effort into.


Binds I’ve sold:

Marvel Universe Events, 8 volumes - Chronicled Infinity Gauntlet up to Chaos War by way of Maximum Carnage, Secret Invasion, Siege and pretty every event in between. On rereading them I realised none of them were much cop. Sold as a complete set for £180. (cost of binds was £18 per bind so I made a bog loss on the comics but I don’t mind that)
DC Universe Events 5 volumes - Same as above but I hunted down back issues and compiled these before I’d actually read most of them. Bad idea. These events sucked. Lesson, read before you bind. I listed these for sale as individual books and only volume 1 sold. Fortunately I did sell the rest at a later date to someone in the US. Postage was high!
The Sentry - Contained the initial 6 issue mini plus tie ins, the 8 issue JR JR drawn mini, some one shots and the Parker penned mini. Sold to my mate as he likes the character and I found that I soured on him.
Marvel Colours - Spider-man Blue, Hulk Gray and DD yellow. Another bind I did having only read the comics once when they came out. Only DD aged well I thought.
Thunderbolts 2 volume set - This starts with the Ellis stuff and went through to about halfway through the Parker run. On reread I liked the Ellis stuff but not much else so sold these and bought the Ellis collection in trade.


Just seen this video of a guy’s custom binding collection - it looks amazing.

Severely tempted to buy back runs of some titles like Resurrection Man and do binds like these.


Wow, those are amazing.


So like I’ve stated in the Trades thread, I’m sort of stuck since I can’t really find other binders state-side that do custom covers outside of Houchen yet. Although I have asked the binding forum for suggestions and sent an email to Houchen about their 3-book minimum.

While waiting on that - here’s a mock-up/idea I made for what I hope to do.


Looks great.


Thanks, it’s not to proportionate just a mock-up to get my thoughts in order.

The people at the Binding forum also suggested “Heroes Rebound”, which offers their own graphic designs. Still haven’t heard back from Houchen, but I sent a query to “Rebound” about whether they give guidelines/stats for those who want to send in their own designs. Hope I hear something soon.