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The ‘Creators For Creators’ Grant For Up-And-Coming Creators


Pretty much what it says in the title!

This is maybe better in Creative, but more folk might see it in the main board - Mods, allocate it as you will!

[quote]‘As the final announcement of today’s Image Expo, creators from both Image and Iron Circus announced the formation of Creators For Creators, a new nonprofit organization that will award a $30,00 grant to one cartoonist or writer-artist team to “support the creation of a new and original work of a length between sixty-four and one hundred pages over the course of a single year.”
The application and guidelines for submissions will be open on May 1 of this year, while the recipient will have a guaranteed publishing deal through Image or Iron Circus if they choose to take it, they also retain the rights to their creation and can publish it as they see fit. For more information, check out’

Read More: Image And Iron Circus Announce The ‘Creators For Creators’ Grant | [/quote]


That’s very cool. Iron Circus has actually taken over a Kickstarter project that I backed where the creator has been unable to complete commitments.


Awesome info, Im working on something myself. I’ll definitely check into this :slight_smile:


Does anyone know where we can get more information on this? I have several questions and I’ve emailed them a few weeks ago and haven’t received a reply. I haven’t found any articles or news regarding the grant.
It says you can present a duo, but I want to know if you can ask someone to do the colors (paid).
I also want to know if the five pages you submit must be the beginning of the story or if it can be lets say, 2 of the beginning, 3 of the middle of the story, etc.
Anyone here planning on submitting something?


I’m starting to get scared that this isn’t happening. No word on the contest on any comics site, nothing in news, no answer from their info email.



Yeah, seems to have gone dark, which is a shame. I’ll keep an eye out, and if I see anything I’ll post it here!


I got an answer from Leila del Duca! It’s still up and running, countdown moving towards the deadline.
I wanted to ask if we could send pages from different parts of the story i.e. pages 1-3 and then pages 10-11, and also if we could ask other people to collaborate with colors or lettering.
She said that was all OK.