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The Compliment Thread


Ok, I want to try something here. All too often here I see someone get excited about something, only to have it be picked apart by 10 other people, which is totally ok, but sometimes people just want to gush over something they love for a while with like minded individuals.

This thread has one simple rule:

If you have nothing good to day, don’t say anything at all.

This is a thread to crosspost trailers, announcements, or other media that you’re hyped about and just want to geek out over how awesome it is. It’s a thread reserved only for talking about the good qualities of the content and to praise it. The deeper discussion about shortcomings and flaws are reserved for discussions about the same content in another relevant thread.

I’ll get this thread going with posting the trailer for the new Jumanji film:


In all honesty I had doubts about this film, but I think this looks like a really fun blockbuster. Something that is going to be a blast to see in an iMax theater on a cold winter day (or hot summer day depending on your hemisphere).

I know the Rock and Kevin Hart have a great relationship, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how all of these actors interact on screen.


Is it a sequel or a reboot and what age bracket is it for?


It’s like Zathura, just a new movie in the same mold.
Putting the terms sequel or reboot wouldn’t be right given Zathura’s existence, it’s basically an anthology series now about being trapped in games.

Seems to be early teens/tweens.




It looks like a real crowd pleaser and like they’re using Jack Black properly. I hope it does very well.

For my compliment, this Kickstarter just finished and I eagerly await the figures. Look at them, they’re beautiful:


I’ve never heard of Mythic Legions. Those are gorgeous. When it comes to figures I have a soft spot for a matte paint finish.


I can’t wait for Batman Metal! Following Capullo on Instagram has me chomping at the bit.


Capullo is even a metal music fan, so it makes it all the better :wink:


My social media feeds are all rolling their eyes and hurling insults about a new Jay-Z album coming out tonight but I still love Jay-Z and I’m looking forward to it.


Did you read that it’s going to be solely produced by No I.D.?

I’m hoping for crazy futuristic beats like he did for Common on Nobody’s Smiling, and the clip of “Adnis” in one of the trailers sounds like it’ll be that.

As for Jay-Z himself, he’s not as sharp a lyricist as he used to be but he’s been putting in some great guest verses lately and he’s far more than the money-obsessed rapper that people paint him as. His last album had songs about fatherhood, religion, race, family, and charity, but all most people wanted to talk about were a handful of shallow art references.


I did hear that. I’m pretty excited.

I find it weird that people act like he’s completely fallen off but the same people love Watch the Throne, which was his next-to-last album. I think it’s kind of a “kill daddy” thing for fans of a certain age.


Yeah, it usually seems pretty exaggerated when I see people clowning on him. He’s not in his prime anymore but he still has plenty to say, and he (usually) says it pretty damn well.


Three songs into 4:44 and he’s rapping like he’s in his prime. He’s putting every piece of himself into this record.

EDIT: Not a weak song on here.


Well, not quite like Zathura. Like the original Jumanji, Zathura was an adaptation of a book by Chris Van Allsburg. It wasn’t another take on Jumanji like this new film.

For my compliment here’s the new trailer for Cult of Chucky:

Curse of Chucky really revitalized this series, making it scary and dark again after the unfortunate turn into comedy of the last two films. This is by the same writer/director, brings back many of the actors from previous films and looks like it amps up the style. I think it looks fantastic and I couldn’t be more excited for it.


Everything Jumanji is awesome!

I bought the HB book for a quid in a closing down sale when my kids were young. It was sleeveless and well-thumbed, but a great story to read to the nippers.

Before long, the original movie was released, which was brilliant, followed by the equally amazing animated series, with Tim Curry stealing the show, as usual, as Trader Slick.

Seeing how The Rock is brilliant, and Amy Pond is pretty handy, I’m confident the new movie is going to be a blast.

I’ve just remembered, I made a replica of the movie’s fold-out board game, but never got around to making the pieces. I’m not at all handy but very proud of my effort. I hope it’s still in the attic.


Wow, they got the kid from the original movies. That’s incredibly intriguing. Those movies terrified me when I was younger, and I definitely felt some nostalgic fear from that trailer.

I remember a family friend gave me a Chucky doll when I was younger. I put it in my closet and was so paranoid it was going to come to life, that I bashed it’s head open and a bunch of foam beads spilled out…


I’m a big fan of the Planet of the Apes movies. Even enjoyed the Mark Wahlburg one. The recent reboot has been fantastic and the latest installment, War for the Planet of the Apes looks like it’ll follow that trend:


Yeah, same here. Strongest franchise out right now.


The reviews have been very positive, with the caveat that it’s not a “fun” film.