Comics Creators

The Comic Jam 2018 Schedule is a community where comic writers and artists join independently and collaborate on short 1 page comics with no on-going commitments.

Coordinated by Casey Allen through Slack ( ), each week writers and artists nominate then vote on themes. Writers then draft 1 page scripts based on the theme ( with group feedback available. ) The completed scripts get put into a hat and assigned at random to the available artists. The artist and writer chat through the Slack group and have a couple weeks to collaboratively execute that 1-page comic.

There’s no long term commitment to each other or to The Comic Jam, itself. You decide week to week if you’d like to participate. The terms are also fully non-exclusive so everyone who works on a given comic walks away with the right to post/ print/ submit that comic elsewhere.

The Comic Jam is a good opportunity to dabble in a wide array of themes and genres, explore new styles and techniques, and work with an array of collaborators without making any sort of extended commitment ( …though some of the creators who clicked have gone on to do longer comics together. )

Starting in 2018, The Comic Jam is throwing some pre-scheduled themes into the mix. This gives writers and artists who work slower or need to work around more chaotic schedules an opportunity to participate while also providing the rest of the group with something they can work on when between other projects. While many of the pre-scheduled themes are in honor of larger film releases none of them bind creators to that specific franchise (Ex: ‘Undersea Adventure’ comics are scheduled to be posted the same week Aquaman hits theaters. )

If this sounds like something you or someone you know might be interested in, hit Casey Allen up ( email: ) for full details and/ or to be added to the Slack group.