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The Cola Wars! Pepsi vs Coke!


Oh yes.


Coke all the way, especially the Coke from Mexico or where real sugar is used.

Take it from a Coke fiend… :smile:


I’m going to hold a special session, I will add in a special third party cola (it’s the company here that once held the Coke license and made their own version which I have tested blind and nobody can discern) and you will realise how you are all just slaves to a corporate image over any flavour.


Are you saying you’re a Coke Head?


Yeah … you’re not going to be allowed to be in charge.


Oh I won’t pull any tricks, we can have an invigilator to see it is above board.

I’d add in a test for Diet Coke/ Coke Zero.

Ingredients in Diet Coke
Carbonated purified water, flavour, colour (caramel 150d), food acid (338, 330), sweeteners (951,950), preservative 211, caffeine.

Ingredients in Coke Zero
Carbonated purified water, colour (caramel 150d), food acid (338, 331), flavour, sweeteners (951,950), preservative 211, caffeine.

So food acid 330/1 seems to be the killer, I think it is different packaging and adverts.


I thought it was common knowledge that Diet Coke and Coke Zero were basically the same thing, that it was just a marketing thing because Diet Coke had a ‘female’ image.


That was my understanding mentioned above but the Mike mafia sees the intricate differences. :wink:


I will happily add Coke Zero and Diet Coke to the taste lineup!


You know what, I’m going to invite some friends over sometime this week and give them the Pepsi Challenge too.


Make sure it’s administered double blind :wink:


I’m unfamiliar with your space age technobabble


In that case, be sure it’s biobfuscated via a discrete multi-stage selection and assemblage system.


Of course Pepsi Light and Max would have to be added in or the full treatment.


No problem there, though I don’t claim to be able to differentiate Pepsi light and max as of now (I’ll do some training)



Let’s be honest, tastes exactly the same as 7 Up. :smile:


No, 7 Up is more Mountain Dewy.

But Does taste the same as Sierra Mist.


You’re crazy. They’re not even trying to taste the same. 7Up and Sprite are just clear lemonade. Mountain Dew is weird - yellow and kind of floury.


I’m not saying it tastes like Mountain Dew…just is a bit more flavory in a way that reminds me of Mountain dew