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The Cola Wars! Pepsi vs Coke!


Props to @Jim for creating a thread of its own for this hot cool topic.

Dr Pepper is only second best, but of course, most of you haven’t been subjected to the real winner.


How does IKEA julmust compare? That’s the only one I’ve had.


Not very good. It’s a bit like comparing Pepsi to Coke. It just doesn’t hold up. :wink:


I just had a Pepsi for the first time in years.
Yeah. I can totally tell the difference.


I talked to my weekend date, a wonderful person called Camilla, about this Pepsi versus Coca Cola conundrum, and she agreed to do a blind test to prove that she is able to distinguish Pepsi (her favourite) from Coca Cola (my choice in the matter).

Now, my plan is to wreck the test. Like, by not serving Pepsi at all. Just Coca Cola. To see what happens.

Do you guys approve?


Absolutely I do!


You’re taking your life in your hands. We can’t be held responsible. :wink:


I’ve pondered taking my own life many times in the past. While those days are most definitely over, it never once occured to me to take my life by means of Coca Cola…


It’s not the Coca Cola. It’s trying to trick a date. :wink:


Bah! Danger is sexy af!


You don’t want a second date then?


Our date was on Thursday. It was supposed to be dinner. The date lasted until Sunday.

I think I’m safe.

I’m not a monster or anything. If I was really evil, I would put Julmust in one of the glasses. Having a glass of Julmust but thinking it’s a glass of Coke? There is no human, alive or dead, that can stand that horror.


That’s quite a dinner. I’m sure you both ate well. :smiley:


It was a veritable all-you-can-eat buffet…


Back to Pepsi vs Coke?


We don’t have it here, so it took me a long time to realise that it’s pronounced “Iron Brew”.

Earn Bruh.



As usual, the headline doesn’t accurately represent the actual findings though.

Psychology modifies physical perception; it doesn’t necessarily override it completely.

They do have different tastes; the extent to which people are able to accurately perceive that varies, and that variation is itself likely to differ depending on the context.


Having tested both yesterday, Pepsi does have a different aftertaste, although they are closer initially.


This is so going to end up being a thing the next time @garjones is in London :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: