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The Cola Wars! Pepsi vs Coke!


I don’t drink a lot of soda but I do like Pepsi Max on rare occasions.


Anime has taught me that Pepsi is better.



I was sure Todd would have a Cracked article about this.


Hello. My name is Todd. :confused:


Weird Japanese soda is awesome, boo fake Todd!



Your face is weird booooo fake news awesome Japanese soda!

Yours insincerely,

Todd-ish. :dizzy_face:


Wait now you are fake Tim!

My face isn’t that weird. Here is me. I may or may not be in the bathroom at a punk show.


Who’s playing?


First time at the glory hole?


Nobody famous. A longtime friend of mine is headlining a trans punk night in Brooklyn.




I can taste the difference (as a kid though, I also used to be able to tell different coloured Smarties by taste alone, so …)

Pepsi Max > Coke Zero

Ronnie is right though:

(My fridge at work is full of these)


What is extra about the XTRA version?


I presume from the small text that it’s a zero sugar version like Coke Zero.


Looks like it:


Yeah, it’s their updated sugar-free version, the equivalent of Pepsi Max or Coke Zero, compared to Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke. Tastes more like the original, no calories.


I can sometimes get the zero sugar version which is different to that.

It could be the ‘manly’ version which I believe was the main reason for Coke Zero, a lot of men didn’t want to buy ‘diet’ drinks.

Edit: Okay Mike answered that as I was typing. :smile:


The last time I was in Edinburgh I spotted a WH Smith’s in the airport which had a wall dedicated just to Irn Bru.


Thanks for clarifying that while I was asleep, Lorcan. I had assumed everyone knew how to read column headings and to compare the per 100ml listings. The Coke nutrition is off a large bottle rather than a can, which is why it has a 250ml serving rather than 330ml.

And much like Dave, I don’t drink San Pellegrino because it has less sugar and I think it’s therefore healthier or anything, it’s just a nice, equally (un)healthy, alternative to cola.