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The Cola Wars! Pepsi vs Coke!


Poor @alx is gonna need an intervention when he sees this thread.


Sanpellegrino is a nice alternative to Fanta. I keep meaning to try their blood orange variety. I really like Rubicon’s range as well, especially the passion fruit variety, but it’s not widely stocked, especially the more exotic flavours like Gauva.


San Pelligrino has more sugar than many regular sodas.


I only drink Pepsi when I eat pizza nowadays. Pop is pretty much poison. It’s great with pizza though.


No it doesn’t. All the varieties of San Pellegrino have as much or less than Coca-Cola or Pepsi.



Beer is better.


In fairness, is there any context in which this statement is untrue?



“We’re out of gas! Take this can, run back to that gas station we passed, and fill it with gasoline.”
“Beer is better.”


“There you go, now you’re too drunk to drive. Let’s just sleep in the car and sort it all out in the morning.”


I feel like you think you’re proving me wrong, even though the sugar amount on the San P Lemon is clearly lower than on the other two. Even scaling a generous 10% up to cover the difference in volume, it’s still lower.

@Rory’s link is three years old. Here are some fresh values:


Um… that says there are 28.7g of sugar in that can compared to the 27g in the Coke. So yeah if you drink an entire can of San Pellegrino you’re drinking more sugar than you if you drink an entire can of coke.

EDIT: I should also point out that I didn’t say Coke specifically but regular soda.


I’d just like to point out that the amount of sugar there is in these drinks has no bearing on how much I enjoy them. San Pellegrino (and pretty much any fizzy orange drink) is always going to be my preference over Coke, Pepsi, or any other cola.


Ever put a regular soda and a diet soda in water?

Diet soda floats. Regular soda sinks. Difference in weight.


Yeah, but if you drink four litres of diet soda and 5ml of regular soda, the diet soda has more sugar in it.


Not for me. I am not a fan of alcohol of any kind. I used to, but not any more. I even tried to become an alcoholic one summer. We gave it our best shot and it did not pan out. I just gave up on alcohol altogether. It all tastes like shit and gives me migraines. I haven’t had a drink in a couple years and I don’t miss it.

I would rather eat a pill any day.


It is lower but not by a significant amount. My point wasn’t so much that you were wrong but the difference is really negligible.

But really, drink whatever makes you feel happy. I don’t have a stake in it.


While I don’t drink very often, I still enjoy a nice refreshing adult beverage.


The figures on the coke can are misleading. The San Pellegrino one is for a 330ml can (which is the standard “small” size in Europe), while the coke one is for 250ml. If you look at the per 100ml columns, coke has an additional 1.9g of sugar, or an additional 6.27g per 330ml