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The Cola Wars! Pepsi vs Coke!


Kofola was made as a Czechoslovak communist version of coke because they couldn’t get the Western stuff. It is OK.


Yep, there’s still diet versions of all the drinks (well Zero ones now) with no sugar, but apparently that’s not enough and so the regular ones were steathily changed to have two-thirds less sugar and added sweeteners. The same thing has happened to Tango, Tizer, Vimto, Lucozade and pretty much every brand of squash/cordial. It’s infuriating.


Rock ‘n’ Roller Cola Wars?
I can’t take it anymore


Despite all I have said on Coke V Pepsi there is no doubt on the super cheap crap like Rola-Cola. It tasted like cardboard:


I am intolerant to artificial sweeteners, so I am pretty wary of most drinks (after a lifetime of being almost fanatically obsessed with Club Lemon). Aspartame seems to be in most soft drinks.

I usually stick to Bundaberg Ginger beer now.


This is officially the dirtiest soft drink ever.


I had to google that. I’ve never heard of it.

I’m surprised none of the Scottish posters have piped up.


I haven’t had a soda or soft drink I eight years. I tried one about six years ago just for a shot of caffeine and poured it out after a sip. Wean yourselves off the ha it and you’ll be better for it in the long run.


I can’t even finish one of the 7.5 oz cans anymore. It’s just way too sweet.


Wow look who just galloped in on his high horse!


We will buy a couple of cans if we have company over but the unused ones are poured into the toilet.


Hiyo Silver! Away!!


Will drinks Bud Lite so I wouldn’t listen to his advice.


I’m d rather drink Coke than Bud Light.


These are the only soft drinks I really enjoy. None of them colas.


I love some Orangina.


Yeah, I’m not really a fizzy drinks person but it is my number one.

It’s hot in the UK today (well, comparatively), and this discussion is making me want some. :slight_smile:


At the moment I’m trying to abstain from alcohol, so where I had been drinking just one or two cans a day I’m up to four or five. I also drink a couple coffees per day and usually about two liters of water… but I really need another non-caffeinated drink to enjoy.


I gave up sodas about 20 years ago for health reasons. Every once in awhile I’ll have a sip of Christel’s drink or have a small one. If I’m sick to my stomach, I’ll have ginger ale.

I really don’t miss them.


I gave up soda for a little over a year when I was 12 for self esteem reasons.
But yeah…Jarritos are the best.