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The Cola Wars! Pepsi vs Coke!


Next time I see you, I’d be happy to demonstrate that at least one person, myself, can!

But, I have an unfair advantage.


You’ll be pouring them so you’ll know which is which?


I’d enjoy the test. I’d add in a third one to avoid a 50/50 guess job.


I’m down for that. I’m sure we can find some way to sweeten the pot, too.

Actually, my parents had a vending machine company while I was growing up, from about when I was 5 until just a few years ago. At our peak, we had over 100 machines across our county, and my parents spent every day filling them up with snacks and soda and the like. Consequently, in my back yard, we had a giant truck filled with snacks and soda and the like, which I was more or less free to help myself to at any time. I think if anyone who doesn’t actually work for one of those companies is going to be an expert, I’d rate pretty high :wink:


Gar, you’re being hustled!


It’s pretty easy, Coke tastes great and Pepsi tastes like shit.

I am more of a Moxie man myself.


Pepsi is King.


No, I think Gar had it right, you can’t tell the difference as they both taste like shit.


Pot is quite a dangerous ingredient in this part of the world.

We could go back to when they used to use cocaine and try not to worry about the mandatory death sentences. :smile:


I’m well aware of Kiel’s vending machine origin. :smile:

We are almost neighbours you know. (Ok that is stretching it but he has been round for beers a couple of times and lodged in my spare room).


My wife prefers the smaller cans and she likes the store brand which is cheaper.


…and if we’re honest, tastes the same.


Ah, Royal Crown. In the 70s my friends and I always preferred RC cola to the big two. Eventually, it became more and more difficult to find it in convenience stores and delis, and of course the various fast food chains carried only Coke or Pepsi exclusively.


Let’s be honest it’s all irrelevant since the only soda worth drinking is:


I honestly like both equally, but I do think they taste different.

Of course Dr Pepper is far nicer than both, but I can’t drink that any more. :frowning:


The actual truth, of course, is that each type can be matched with certain kinds of food.

Except for Est (a Thai brand that’s half root beer, half cola) which is just always awful.


For health reasons? Or was it mandated as part of some legal proceedings? :wink:


I’m afraid the courts won’t allow me to talk about the restraining order Dr Pepper took out against me.

No, the reason I can’t drink it is because all the current anti-sugar hysteria has led to Coca-Cola putting artificial sweeteners - which give me stonking migraines - into the regular versions of all their secondary brands (Dr Pepper, Fanta, Sprite etc). Apparently their decision to do this is to give me, as a consumer, “more choice about how much sugar I consume”. :unamused:

Can’t import American Dr Pepper any more either, as it and most other root beers contains a chemical the EU has banned for health reasons.


Really? Regular Dr. Pepper has artificial sweeteners? For longer than I’ve been alive, there was a Diet Dr. Pepper line that should’ve done the same thing.


With this post Rory’s become my favorite MWer once again. I even forgive his disparagement towards GotG2.