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The Cola Wars! Pepsi vs Coke!


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That’s not Pepsi.


It doesn’t matter. Scientifically proven in blind tests nobody can tell the difference, however much they protest otherwise. :smile:


Yup…No one is pulling the wool over your eyes today :smile:

It is true. There is no such thing as 3 litre Pepsi. In fact, the mere idea is inconceivable. You might try to think of it…but you won’t be able to. The universe itself rebels at the very notion. :wink:

So…what were we talking about again?


Actually blind taste tests proved that people couldn’t identify them by flavor, not that they tasted the same.


Wow! I’ve never seen a 3 liter bottle of soda.

But the same blind taste tests show preference for one over the other. Coke did extensive blind taste tests before releasing Coke II. What analysts think happened now is that in smaller samples Pepsi and Coke II are slightly sweeter and more pleasing but in larger quantities people prefer the classic Coca Cola recipe.

But it costs $20. :wink:

It’s generally not meant for a single person to consume in one sitting. The larger sizes are meant to serve more people or be for more extended use portioned out a bit at a time. It doesn’t stop some people from taking as single service though.


It’s really much the same result after listening to dozens of bores saying they only like Coke/Pepsi and then can’t tell which is which. :smile:


It’ll be a US bottle though. nobody else can be arsed with fluid ounces. :smile:


Pepsi is generally sweeter, while Coke is more starkly brisk,.


Clearly DC’s follow-up to Man of Steel should have been Pepsi v Coke instead.


I don’t doubt that it is. I’m saying it’s likely more of an anomaly than something Americans regularly purchase or is regularly found on grocery store shelves.

Buying 2 liters is generally cheaper than buying similar amounts in single servings. I’ve never cared for it (except for parties or something like that) as the soda goes flat by the time you finish it. When we do buy soda, we’ve shifted to the 7.5 oz (222 mL) size. That’s even more expensive than buying a similar amount of cans (not total amount of soda) as the 12 oz (355 mL) option.

Editted for @garjones and his inability to convert units. :wink:


Have you never heard of the cola wars? Poor RC always gets left out. :wink:


I have, I just thought it was funny that the DC movie thread had turned into a dissection of the Pepsi v Coke debate. Even when the conversation turns to soft drinks, it’s polarising! :slight_smile:


Yeah you may as well be speaking ancient Greek. :smile:

More seriously I do agree that the bigger bottles are meant to be shared and not guzzled in one go by one person, although I’m sure that happens.


It’s just as contentious. My dad will avoid restaurants that serve Pepsi because he prefers Coke so strongly.

The Pepsi bottler near my hometown is one of the few independent (not corporate owned ) left in the country. The owner was a real piece of work. He would send his employees to restaurants that serve only Coke, tell them to ask for a “Pepsi” and tell them to throw a fit when they received Coke. He would also take punitive action against employees that were seen drinking Coke in public. That’s how deep some of this shit goes.

Back on topic, it appears that even Wonder Woman prefers Coke to Pepsi. :wink:


She has good taste.


You can’t tell the difference, everyone says the sweet thing, blind test in a lab, no clue. :smile:


I can tell the difference.


Everyone says that, scientifically they can’t.

Marketing is very very powerful, it can lead us to prefer exactly the same product made in the same factory with the same ingredients but with a different badge on it. More importantly to pay more for it.

I often wonder that if tomorrow Issey Miyake released an anti-perspirant that smelled exactly the same as Axe/Lynx anyone would actually notice. :smile: