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The Citizen Kane of Comic Books



Which comic book is the best of all time and is a must read? And Why?


I’ll start with an odd one - not WATCHMEN but one that came out right after. Giffen and Levitz’s LEGION OF SUPERHEROES GREAT DARKNESS SAGA. Like KANE it was nearly forgotten and dismissed but it’s approach and techniques reflected and influenced the entire medium.


The Squadron Supreme Maxi-Series by Gruenwald.

Watchmen before Watchmen.


For the ‘Citizen Kane’ comparison, in terms of inventiveness and techniques, I’d probably go for something like Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo or Eisner’s Spirit. There may be aspects of them that seem dated today, but it’s amazing to go back and see how innovative and creative they were, and how much they influenced what came later.


Calls to mind DREADSTAR by Starlin. His WARLOCK, CAPTAIN MARVEL and INFINITY GUANTLET series set the standard for cosmic Marvel after Kirby took off, but DREADSTAR was a major step for both science fiction series and independent comics.


The Spirit is a great choice too. Practically contemporary to KANE as well.


This is pretty close. I can only imagine Disney turning this into a TV series. Few other comics compare, and sadly the JMS reboot didn’t match the original.

However I think I’ll suggest Rising Stars.


Herbie: The Fat Fury


If we’re using as criteria something that was a big deal at the time but wasn’t allowed to reach its full potential but has become hugely respected today? Jack Kirby’s New Gods. Kirby himself was forced to walk away before he had a chance to complete it (the Orson Welles playbook), and other people have been trying to ever since.


Best of all time (rather than pioneering, like Citizen Kane).

Akira and Y: The Last Man are two of my faves - both are packed full of fresh ideas and great characters, brilliantly illustrated and sprawling stories.


Hey hey hey! Them’s fightin’ words! Citizen Kane really is the best. Or right there at the top echelon.


I was a film student, and a professional critic for some years - are you really telling me it’s BETTER than, say, The Running Man? Or Sister Act 2?!


About 90% of movies are better than that


I dare say it’s better than Howard the Duck. Yeah, I said it.


Ronin by Frank Miller - Like @skyward, I don’t think Citizen Kane is the best film of all time or even the best film by Orson Welles but it was probably one of the most pioneering films. In that vein, Ronin presaged so many other works from Miller’s own Dark Knight Returns to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It more overtly brought some of Miller’s Japanese influences to the forefront and tapped into some then young cyberpunk ideas and imagery. It’s even inspired works in other media like Samurai Jack. I would love to see it adapted in some way but would fear that by the time it does, it would feel derivative due to so many of it’s descendants beating it to adaptation.


Great choice. And I agree on an adaptation - it couldn’t hope to match the impact of the original comic, I don’t think.


Haven’t read it yet, and it’s a shame that it seems to have been forgotten over the years, and even dropped from DC’s evergreen canon, where it sat for years.

Citizen Kane is merely pioneering? Now you have me wondering what you consider his best, besides.


There was a new Deluxe HC just a few years ago, I think.


It should still be in print and it received an Absolute and Deluxe Edition.

Third Man or if the insistence is on him directing too, Touch of Evil.


He seems to have hated Charlton Heston in that. I was hoping you’d say something like F for Fake.

It’s good that they’re at least keeping Ronin in print. They just don’t talk about it or recommend in their essentials list like they used to.