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THE CAGE #1 needs an artist...PAID WORK


Hey, guys and girls…

Its that time again…I’m looking for ANOTHER artist collaborator to work on my latest comic THE CAGE.
It’s a story set inside a prison for super villains who have no powers.
Outside they could go toe to toe with Titans, but behind bars without their suits or magic weapons they are just regular guys…and its survival of the fittest.

As the title suggests, it is a paying gig… It is not a page rate either, but a flat fee per issue.
It is a fair amount (I think so, anyway) that will allow you to work on this around other better paying gigs you might have. You will also (rightly so) get equal 50% creator ownership of the comic and a share of any profits that are made.
Basically, If I am able to sell it to a decent publisher, we’ll split the profits.
HOWEVER, what I am looking for more than anything is a partner and a collaborator.
I am planning this to be a four issue miniseries, so I need someone who is going to stick around and work with me…not just do one issue to make some quick money and leave the team.
All four issues must get done in 2019…

If I’m honest, I am open to anything…except for anime style…sorry, it’s not what I am looking for.

Ideally I’d like an artist with a grittier style…if only John McCrea were available!

If you would like to work with me and want to know more, I’d love for you to post some samples of your work in this thread, or send me a direct message here (or via my site 6) that you are interested with a link to your samples, so that I can explain the terms privately.

Then if you happy with the payment and terms laid out, I will pick three possible artists and will ask each to do a test page from the script.
Based on those pages I will select my new partner.

Sorry about being a pain and for having “try-outs”, but because I am paying for this out of my own pocket, I need to make sure I am working with the perfect partner.

Thanks for reading my thread and I look forward to see what you guys and girls have up your sleeves.




Check out my work If I could do it like my studies of The Shining I might be interested. Just darken pencils in photoshop. Maybe colour?


Hey Ryan,

Thanks for trenching out and posting.
Great stuff…but on this occasion yours isn’t the style I have in mind, but thanks so much for reaching out!



No worries, thanks for the reply.


Hey Matt, the concept is great! Here are a couple of pages from my own upcoming GN.


Hello. I was reading your message and I want to know more about your script and conditions, so, If you like my work, feel free to contact.


I’m H’D Rodrigues, comic artist from Brazil.
My work is attached
Please make sure they are in the profile you are looking for.
See also my portfolio:
Att, H’D
Final sample digital art


The only way is BUMP! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Plus I just wanted to say that I am also open to artists from New Zealand…so ignore @markabnett’s thread and reach out to me instead :rofl: