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The Boat by Ryan Vogler


Part 1. Part 2 coming soon!


Part 2.


Part 3.


Awesome art fella but that lettering blows goats. I think it’s fair to say it distracts from the quality of your illustrations.


Thanks for the input.


Been busy with commissions. Finally, here is part 4.


I like these very much and look forward to new installments. HOWEVER, I feel like I dont understand the format. Are they webcomics? Web comics are kind of a blindspot for me, and they shouldn’t be. There’s probably dozens I would love, I just haven’t taken the time to look.

Are they akin to newspaper strips? One panel at a time with a long narrative?

There’s a little voice in my head that says: They’re COMICS, EINSTEIN! STFU AND ENJOY THEM!

if you could explain why you picked this format, I’d appreciate it. You do great work, I’m just not smart.
Thanks, Jason.


Thank you, Jason. Like you said, it’s more like a newspaper strip, one panel at a time with a long narrative. Just trying something new and having a little fun.


Have you thought about putting the text under the picture, as a caption rather than a speech bubble? It would still tell the story but without obscuring the art, and as you’re going for “something new” there’s no reason why you have to use standard comic-book conventions.


Good idea. Thanks!