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The big thread of lists


My most important list of the year:


Why are some scored out?



I add every “potential” gig as soon as it’s announced, then I make the tough decisions about which ones are practical. Sometimes the combination of day and distance just makes something impossible. This is a work in progress. When I am more certain which ones to keep, I will reprint (and then update as more announcements are made, and repeat…).


Favorite Lois Lanes

  1. Noel Neill
  2. Margot Kidder
  3. Teri Hatcher
  4. Amy Adams
  5. Phyllis Coates
  6. Erica Durance

(So many more, particularly animated.)


In order:

Marvel movies.
DC animation.
Marvel animation.
DC movies.
Marvel TV.

Points off Marvel TV for Inhumans.


Interesting that, despite Inhumans, Marvel TV still makes the top five, while DC movies are left out in the cold.


I knew I forgot something.