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The big thread of lists


Looks like I’m in ‘art disagree mode’ today! I thought the art on Iron Man was great. I’ve only just start reading a few of the current Marvel books again after some time away. Iron Man surprised me as I’ve not been a fan since Fraction’s run. The other I like is Dr Strange which could be Marvel’s best book at the moment (to be fair though I’m not qualified to judge that as I’ve only picked up a handful of titles recently. If you’re after a magic based book it puts The Magic Order in the shade).

Anyway, I’ll follow Mike Del Mundo on any book he does so when they announced he’d be on Thor I decided to read the whole Aaron run before starting the new series (I’d only read God Butcher previously and didn’t warm to it). Over the last couple of months I read 82 books in total. I think that’s the complete Aaron output. Someone tell if I missed anything.

Thor - God of Thunder 1-25
Original Sin: Thor & Loki - Tenth Realm 1-5
Thors 1-4
Thor 1-8
Thor Annual 1
The Mighty Thor 1-23
The Unworthy Thor 1-5
The Mighty Thor 700-706
The Mighty Thor/The Unworthy Thor - Generations

At the start of the year I decided to rank every comic book story I read in an attempt to compile my definitive list of ‘best to worst’. As of today I have 937 stories on the list. Here’s how Aaron’s Thor stories ranked. Everything bar 1 ranked as good to okay (numbers on the left are the stories’ position on the overall ranking list. Purple means the story fell into the ‘good’ category, blue ‘okay but can live without’ and orange ‘meh’)

In comparison to recent Thor runs I much prefer Fractions, aside from Everything Burns which is turd, and I think I like Straczynski’s run a bit more than Aaron’s.


Having just got through issues 1-4 of the current Thor book I’d say it might jump straight to the top of the Aaron Thor run.

Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!

That’s quite something. Can you share the full list?


Rules for Entry on the List

Stories are placed on the list based on best to worst

Only recently read stories are ranked so that I don’t misplace them due to inaccuarte judgement

Story craft, impact, emotional response and to a lesser extent historical importance all factor into ranking as does ‘what would i rather read’ which plays a big part.

There are currently many big story omissions but that is just because I haven’t read them in a long time.

Sometimes creative runs are broken down into arcs and sometimes if I feel a run is one long story I will list the whole run

Filters can be used to sort by publisher or character Tag.


Fantastic. I love lists and now I’ll have to do my own version of this over the winter. You have lots of books in your top thirty that I would too. Interesting to see which authors and characters you prefer.


Which do you enjoy more, the things themselves or lists about them? Sometimes I wonder how much fandom is more about everything around a thing than the things themselves. By time spent, I’m sure the former would generally win out.


I’m an absolute sucker for a list. My wife finds them all over the house. Top 5 peanut butters, top 5 video games by console, top 10 movies, top 5 motorbikes to buy etc


What are your favourite lists? :wink:


I have to know your top five peanut butters.


Same. I mean, there’s crunchy, smooth, and maybe those “mixed with chocolate spread” abominations if you’re generous, so I’m keen to see how this top 5 shakes out.

  1. Sainsbury Basics Crunchy 70p
  2. Lidl Mccendy crunchy £1.18
  3. Skippy Crunchy £2.25
  4. Pip and nut crunchy maple £2.30
  5. Whole earth organic smooth £2.50

As a kid my mum only bought sunpat so that’s all i knew. Man, that stuff is dry, dry, dry. I like an oily PB.


I’m a Canadian, but when I was younger we did many vacations down the U.S. (Oregon coast).

One trip I found Superman Peanut Butter. My God it must have been loaded with sugar because that is the best of all time in my memory.
Wish we had it up North (wish I had some right now).


I want to see the list Bobby has on all the original art he has.


I want to see the list of his his top 5 favorite lists. :wink:


Tough to choose a top 5 from 280+ pieces (fuck that’s way too much money wasted right there!)

  1. Food.
  2. Fluids.
  3. Other stuff.

Miqque’s Shopping List.


Hey, if you invest heavily in soup you can cover number 1 and 2 at the same time.


Lifting heavy shit
Drinking red wine
Reading comics

Top five therapies of choice


We all have lists. This is my monthly one. (Troublesome month, couple things unresolved, and i don’t like things pending.)



Top five vowels.