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The big 2 are dead to me


My comic buying habit had reduced substantially over past few years. Due to cost and space constraints. I have so many old comics that I can remember getting as a kid that, although largely worthless, I wouldn’t sell.

Anyhow, into lcs on Saturday to pick up last two issues of Civil War 2. Price…£8!!! For two standard sized comics. The tpb won’t cost much more.
They will be the last two new comics I buy from the big 2.


That can’t be right. They’re 3.99 each surely?



Is that not bonkers money for two comics? Assuming they don’t reveal the meaning of life there in?

Staff were apologetic blaming Nigel Farage and Brexit having sterling whimpering at the feet of the $


There’s always tradewaiting.

I have to say that one of the reasons I have become a tradewaiter is that it’s just too expensive buying the single issues.

(The other reason is that these days, I’d rather have something I can easily put on a shelf.)


When people talk about a decline in sales of comics there seems to be an answer! What kid can afford that sort of money per issue??


Invest in local artists!

I heard about this one dude. He got like this “Transfer” comic.

Quite good. And not expensive.



The Big 2 don’t produce books for kids, they make them for fans in their thirties and fourties (like, um, most of us, one has to admit).

Kids can afford ten bucks on a volume of Bleach, mind you, and while they’re book-sized, manga often don’t give you all that much story for the money because of decompression.


Event comics, Civil War II included, have a $4.99 price tag so paying £8 in the UK for two issues sounds about right.

Not sure I agree with the statement that the TPB will cost a little bit more than that. That’s a heavy bit of hyperbole there. It’s been ages since I bought a Marvel trade but I reckon the price would be well above £15.


DC’s books are mostly $2.99, and not skimping on talent or quality.

However, they did price up the Snyder/JRJR Batman book to $4.99.


wow Christian.

Mangas do give a great story. Depends which ones.

Also… kids? Most mangas are actually for adults. Even more than the big 2.

I’m not gonna start a manga va comics but a manga as a shitload more pages than a comic. Of course not colored. But we are talking 24 pages vs 240 pages. And mangas are sopd around 8 euros.


Well, Marvel are putting it straight into hardcover, so it is quite expensive, but the Panini edition’s only £14.99 at full RRP.


It was something like 40 pages of story though. ComiXology says 37 pages but they often count a double page spread as a single page.


To be fair to DC they’ve still held their line at $2.99, so not sure what Marvel charging a lot for Civil War has to do with DC. DC are cheaper than nearly all indie books as well.

There’s plenty of reasons to have a pop at some of the big publishers but DC have been trying to keep the prices down for years. By all means be done with them for whatever reason, but if it’s down to price being the problem then it’s an accusation that’s completely inaccurate as far as DC is concerned.


I don’t agree with this either, they publish a range of books, including titles aimed for kids, early teens, mid teens and over 16.


Looking at the sales results each month I think the vast majority of readers don’t even look at the cover price. It’s a niche hobby, and like any other hobby it’s gotten expensive.

Marvel would be wise to sell their events at a lower price point though. It’s not the best way for them to make money - very short term thinking.


I think comics still have a bit of an image problem in that area. I think that’s why there tend to be pricing complaints. I wish they would take a page from another niche hobby’s playbook and turn Free Comic Book Day into something closer to Record Store Day.

I would rather go to my LCS to buy a premium possibly oversized book from my favorite publisher/series rather than get reprint or advertising material for free. It would be less of a penalty for participation for comic shops too. Can you imagine something like treasury sized editions of your favorite books done in limit print and only available that day? It would be like the days when con exclusives were actually cool.


I think you misunderstood me there, Pedro. I didn’t say manga gave bad stories, nor did I claim they were only for kids. I was merely pointing out that the claims that kids aren’t reading comics doesn’t hold true because they are, in fact, reading manga.

And my other point was simply about price: You could make the claim that manga are more popular because they are cheaper, as you get a book with about 200 pages for about 10 bucks. But with many manga, they’re pretty quickly read because they use a decompressed storytelling* - for example, I can get through a volume of GANTZ (a series I like a lot) in about the time it takes me to read to issues of an average Marvel comic, I’d guess, and certainly it takes me longer to read through an issue of Saga that costs about the same.

So, overall my point is simply that I don’t think price is the deciding factor in why kids don’t read American comics but do read manga.

(For the record, I love many anime and manga, and would never suggest they’re somehow lower quality than American or (gasp!) Belgian comics. But they do work differently in some ways.)

_ _
*decompression in American comic book was also something that was hotly debated for a while after Ellis nicked some decompressino techniques off of manga, and used them to great effect - but some people felt ripped off because “nothing was happening”. I never agreed with that.


True. Okay: their main titles aren’t aimed at kids anymore, and haven’t been for a long time. They were when we were growing up. These days, you have to really know your way around comic books to find the right title for a kid.


For a lot of people, Decompression became synonymous with slow pacing, and especially with padding a story out to 6 parts for a trade. Which is largely not understanding what the term meant, but what can you do?


I don’t think they were aimed for kids back in the 80’s. I think they were aimed for the teenager and above market, not for under 12. I think the bulk of Marvel &DC content is still aimed at that group. We’re maybe choosing more mature books as we get older and that’s what we’re familiar with (the Vision is given high praise here but it’s not a big selling book). However even they are on part with lots of the 80’s books (Spidey was quite mature in the 80’s, particularly Spectacular Spidey).