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The best Twitter-feed ever


Bar none. Seriously, I laughed for about 20 mins going through this, almost unable to breathe…



I’m a fan of nihilist arbys, and TNG sason 8

This guy was one of the elite few to go to space and also live to be 95, and still, today he's nothing. You're somehow even less.
Eat Arbys

— Nihilist Arby's (@nihilist_arbys) 8 December 2016

Picard wants racist aliens to stop being so damn racist. Riker accidentally sells Data to a prostitute.

— TNG Season 8 (@TNG_S8) 9 April 2016


I had to stop reading…I was laughing too much.


Agreed. Note to self: Do not read at my work desk.


Art House Trump is pretty special, too.


Me and my friend have just died, laughing at the Space Vampire’s reaction to the sun.