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The best superhero film of the 2000s?


What are, in your opinion, the best superhero films of that decade?


It’s tough without including this current decade, but for me in terms of what I liked the best and what I’d most be up for rewatching tonight I’d say:

  1. Spider-Man 2
    (big gap)
  2. X2
    (big huge gap)
  3. Watchmen
  4. Batman Begins
  5. Spider-Man 3

1 and 2 are way ahead of the field and 3-5 are kind of lumped together.

If you count The Incredibles then you can sub it in for one of the last ones.

If you count Unbreakable then you can add it with the top two.


I’m going to be predictable and choose five fairly obvious movies.

Firstly, X-Men and X-Men 2, for setting up a pretty great prototype for how a modern superhero film can look and feel, and how the essence of a comic can be captured even if there are cosmetic changes along the way.

Secondly, Spider-Man 2, for providing one of the purest and most fun superhero stories put to film so far. Everything about it just works.

Third, The Dark Knight for being the best example of a more serious take on the genre, with some great performances and character concepts, and a smart treatment of the ideas that underpin Batman.

And finally Iron Man, for somehow rolling all of those good qualities into a single film and launching the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the bargain.


I forgot about The Incredibles! Definitely up there.


I’m going to throw this one out there…Kick-Ass.

Unbreakable is good too.


Ang Lee Hulk
Daredevil (Director’s Cut)
Punisher: War Journal / Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (tie)


I’m worried about you, Tim.

We are ALL worried about you.


I never told you guys I loved Man-Thing?


I think your exact words were “I love Giant-Sized Man-Thing”!


I believe it was “I love Giants! Aye! MAN-THING!”

I believe I was working on a Jack and the Bean-Stalk meets Pirates of the Carribean fan-fic at the time being in between watching the most amazing film of the last three decades.


This … isn’t a joke?


I’d have to say that The Incredibles is my favourite. It had so much of the superhero iconography (bright colours, tropical island lairs, domino eyemasks) that I think has been lost in the grimy and dark cinematic world. Plus if you watch it now it feels fresh just by the fact that secret identities are involved and that the heroes aren’t working with the government/military.
I think it doubles as my favourite Pixar movie as well.


‘Iron Man’ was a lot of fun, but it’s been improved upon. I like it a lot more than any of the ‘Spider-man’ films though.

I prefer ‘X-men’ to ‘X-2’, but they both work very well.

‘Incredibles’ is fun, but superhumans being held back by petty normal humans is a bit of sour message really. It’s easy to overlook, but I don’t like that aspect of the movie.

I love ‘The Dark Knight’, it gets almost everything right, but it does go on for a bloody long time doing it.


It’s Spider-Man 2 by a fair distance for me.


I agree with KandorLives, The Incredibles stands head and shoulders above absolutely everything else for me, there’s just no comparison at all. It’s one of my all time favourite films, I don’t think we’ll ever see a better superhero film.


Guardians of the Galaxy is my favorite. It got the characters spot on, it was fun, is was space adventure, and I never tire of watching it. Considering how long I spent looking forward to it, it exceeded my expectations.

For me, The Dark Knight is the best superhero movie by quite a distance.

All in all though, we’re spoiled for choice these days. There’s been consistently great superhero movies for years now, and picking the best isn’t the chore it used to be. You could name maybe 20 movies at this point and they’d get near universal love.


Let’s hope that they don’t mess up the sequel, eh?


I feel like we’ve entered an era where I don’t feel obligated to see every comic book movie or TV show. That’s a good thing.


That’s a great point! I like that the films can have different flavours now. Instead of just being “superhero” movies, they’re now superhero movies to appeal to different people.


I think the original question was meant to be just for the first decade of this century, though. If we can go post-2010, there are plenty of others I would add to my list.