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The best movies of the 1980s


I wish Toxic Avenger made on the list. Quasi-essential 80s film.


I’ve never understood the love for the Goonies. Other than that, it’s a decent list. Though if we were being objective, I think we’d all agree Batman was a bit rubbish.


OMG I’m agreeing with Jim. I think I need a lie down. :cold_sweat:


I think you guys are wrong about Goonies but maybe I need to rewatch it.

I tried rewatching Burton’s Batman a coupe years ago and it really didn’t hold up well. I loved it when I was a kid though.


I can’t remember where it was but I remember reading a review of Batman & Robin that put it over as the most enjoyable of the 80s/90s Batman movies as it was the most consistent in tone, fully aware of and embracing its live-action cartoon insanity and not caught in between two different tones as the others were. A hot take, indeed.


I liked Goonies as a kid and years later watching it with my daughter. As an adult I saw it at least 50 times (the beauty of home video!) believe me there are a ton of flaws. Still a fun movie but I think it made the list due to nostalgia rather than being great or important film.


Goonies is one that I think only really works for you if you loved it as a kid.

I didn’t see it until I was an adult, and wondered what all the fuss was about. But I can see why elements of it would make it appeal to kids and continue to work for them as adults in a nostalgic way.


the Goonies is an all time great - don’t change the memory of it by watching it with an adult mindset looking for faults.


I wouldn’t be looking for faults. There have just been movies that I loved as a kid that I tried rewatching not long ago expecting them to be good, that just weren’t good. Batman is one but the really disappointing one was probably Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I didn’t even make it 30 minutes. We just ended up turning it off because it was so bad.


They are not necessarily bad they are of an era - it’s the same with comics from back then

Adults enjoyed this stuff at the time as well it’s just that film making and acting has changed drastically in the last 30 years and the process is far more polished (although movies are far less original)


Still a fan of Batman. Strange but not expected for Burton to have made the title character something of a creep. If you’re not watching for Jack Nicholson’s Joker, though, you’re doing it wrong, because he really is the whole point of the movie. And that’s why the three movies that follow chase after the villains first, and why they have to go to greater and greater extremes, because Batman gets less creepy.

But I am absolutely still a fan of the movie. I can watch it easily, anytime.


Conversely I watched Batman a few weeks ago (as one of the movie channels was just showing all 7 modern era Bats films consecutively) and thought it held up well.

Goonies I’ve not seen.


Batman still holds up for me too. I love the visuals - it might be the best-designed superhero movie ever made.


I’m amazed Gremlins isn’t in the Top 10 given when I watched it for the first time and said I didn’t enjoy it, people acted as though I’d kicked their childhood puppy.


I loved the Goonies as a kid, I had the poster on my wall and honestly my wife even kinda looks like Martha Plimpton in it. It’s sort of the ultimate kids fantasy. On the cusp of childhood’s end, going off with friends on adventure, contributes your skills (be it inventing or piano lessons) to feel part of a group, kiss the girl, and all that. It’s perfect to watch if you’re 12. It still rates high for me, but as an adult I’ve found the kids to be pretty annoying, the moments don’t feel as big, and my favorite part about it is the Cyndi Lauper music.

I’ll pretend I didn’t see that Planes, Trains, and Automobiles slander.


Same. Evokes the feeling of watching it as a child whenever it’s on.


Now if you have said Gremlins 2, then we’d have a problem :wink:


Have you rewatched it recently? I have incredibly fond memories of it and expected to love it but just kept blankly staring at the screen waiting for something to be funny. After a little over 30 minutes, I turned it off in defeat. I was kind of sad that it didn’t hold up.


Granted, I was older than most of you when that movie came out, but I was always (and still am) bothered by the Kerry Green “upskirt” scene. I thought it was unnecessary and inappropriate for a film aimed at young kids.


Yeah, there is that, and lots of 80s movies have stuff like that which would never pass today. I chalk it up as a product of its time but I understand if people are put off by it too. Molly Ringwald actually just wrote a rather brilliant and pragmatic piece about this for the New Yorker:

And it’s been said also that many sex scenes of the era track as rape scenes today, with Blade Runner being exhibit A.