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The best movies of the 1980s


I laughed out loud when I got to #6! :wink:


Just testing :wink:


Clearly that was released in 1990. We just talked about that upthread!


I think decades are defined more by what seems to fit rather than by mathematics. So clearly the 60s started in 1962, while the 80s probably started in 1979. The 90s were a non-starter, and the decade after that is impossible to talk about anyway because we don’t have a decent name for it.




I think Andrew actually believes this.


I’m not quite sure how I Ieft Withnail & I and This Is Spinal Tap off my list. Two of my all-time favourites.



Seen this twice as a kid and loved it but couldn’t remember the name all this time. I remember one scene in particular where a guy’s arm melts off, that was class. Burned into my brain.


The scene you’re thinking of is an illusion, but I remember it vividly as well. I absolutely loved this movie as a kid.


As promised, this evening I will compile the definitive MW “best films of 80s” list if anyone wants to contribute their ten favorites or trim their list to ten for the sake of inclusion.


I went with everything that got 4 votes or more and it came to exactly ten total. And here is the Millarworld top ten 80s movies:

  1. Back to the Future
  2. Aliens
  3. (tie) Batman
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
  4. (tie) Die Hard
    Princess Bride
  5. Predator

Does that look about right for an essential ten from the decade? Sorry, Star Wars.


It honestly looks like any other Best of the 80’s list.
Which…is about as good as any of the others. What a prolific decade.

Will you be doing the other decades? Because I haven’t made lists for those yet.


Pretty sure Goonies doesn’t belong there but the rest are solid.

Personal opinion I wouldn’t put Batman on either. That’s full force nostalgia. The others are timeless but Batman’s really dated.


Agreed to a tee.
Goddamn, now I want to rewatch the others though.

It’s a really solid weekend binge list.


Five years ago Empire Strikes Back would have been in there without question. I reckon the sequels have tarnished Star Wars.


Agree on Goonies, which I personally find kind of obnoxious (my wife loves it), but Batman is great. Dated, but in the right ways imo. I actually rewatched it last year expecting to dislike it but was surprised by how fun it was.

Edit- Die Hard is my least favorite on that list. But I do get why people love it.


There was a bit of vote splitting with Jedi but I was still stunned it didn’t make the cut. The brand is thoroughly diluted now. There have been six movies since Jedi and none of them have been very good.


I don’t think so. This was the only thread I started.


It’s a great list but the omission of Lost Boys is criminal