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The best movies of the 1980s


Sadly not how it works. We don’t start counting at zero.

It’s no biggie, it just means any films mentioned that are from 1980 are ineligible.


Decade denominations like the ‘80s or’ 90s aren’t about whether you count from zero or one. This isn’t the millennium argument all over again. They’re about a general cultural reference to a period of ten years that all start with the same number.

It’s no biggie, it just means that your two films from 1990 are ineligible. :wink:


Think of it like this - if film had been around since 1AD that first decade would end in 10AD.

Otherwise it’d be the only decade consisting of nine years.

10 is the last year of the first decade - that pattern continues, leading to 2000 being the final year of the 90s and of the century.


Yes, I understand the argument as it applies to centuries (hence all that stuff about how the millennium celebrations really should have been when 2000 turned to 2001). But decades (as referred to as the ‘70s,’ 80s and '90s etc.) aren’t part of that system, they’re just cultural shorthand for all the years beginning with that same number.


I have to admit, of all the things I was expecting to hear today, “1980 isn’t in the 1980s” wasn’t among them.


How did you hear it? These are words on a screen.


I’m having my butler read this thread out to me, and I’m dictating my responses.

It’s hard to type while also bashing your head against a brick wall.


Only on Millarworld does the semantics around the rules about what is allowed on a list take up more time than the actual discussion of what’s on the list. :wink:

You too? I thought just @garjones did that. :wink:


It reminds me of an interesting historical legal case in libel law that involves a butler reading a defamatory letter about - and sent to - his employer (raising the question of whether you can give yourself additional protection against statements made about you in private by having someone else read your personal correspondence). But I’m getting really off-topic now. :slight_smile:


That thinking is only true for periods of time with ordinal demarkations - eg 21st century - where the lack of a year 0AD factors into the counting. But the 80s is a period of time arbitrarily defined only by the numbers in the year, not an overall count of the entire calendar. 1990 isn’t in the 80s because it hasn’t got an 80 in it. It is the last year of the 9th decade of the 20th century, but that is not the same thing, so if you really want to try for “1990 is the last year of the decade” pedantry, you should be referring to the decade as that, not the 80s.


Forget it, Jake. It’s Australia. :wink:


That was just outside my top ten because I downloaded it a few years ago and didn’t watch it as I was afraid it wouldn’t hold up.


I was surprised when I watched Summer School because I was expecting Mark Harmon to be one of the kids in it, rather than the teacher, as it turns out I had massively under-estimated how old he is.


From my memory no one in it looked like they’d been near a school for quite some time :joy:

There was another 80s movie I loved as a kid called Combat Academy I don’t think will hold up, as well as Over The Top which I’m pretty sure won’t.

Prob just stick with the memories.


Oh my god, I’ve just realized I’ve left one of my favourite films of all time off my list!

How could I forget Escape To Victory. I must have watched this a hundred times at least, just as a child.


One of the best pub conversations I’ve ever had was me and a friend drunkenly trying to re-enact the entire plot of Over The Top at length, for about an hour, at two in the morning, when only one of us had seen it.


I remember one conversation between McClaine and his wife from DH2, can’t remember what it was, but one of them blurted:“it’s nineties now”. “Wake up and smell the nineties”, something like that.

As for the 80s, I read that one movie is going to be included into Library of Congress, and that’s Toxic Avenger. One of rare trash films I like. It’s awesome!


I tried to build a list without too much personal nostalgia, these are films I’ve seen in the last 5 years and still enjoyed. Not necessarily my personal favorites (in the top 30) but held up well when I watched them with my daughter even though she didn’t have a personal attachment.
In no particular order:

Empire Strikes Back
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Back to the Future
The Shining
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
The Goonies
Evil Dead 2

Not only do I enjoy these but they all are examples of great creative film making, especially in the pre-digital age.


Bob Hoskins made some darned good movies.


I should have made my list before reading the thread because now I’ve been influenced to pick movies I might actually have forgotten about. But:

Blade Runner
The Wrath of Khan
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Princess Bride
Man of Steel
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (honestly, I thought this was the 90s until I saw it in a couple of other lists)
The Voyage Home
Back to the Future
Top Gun