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The best movies of the 1980s


I watched this last night. I’ve always loved how daft the film is but this time around I was struck by the fact that it was actually good.


Some movies that likely won’t make anyone’s top ten, but I really want to rewatch now after making my list, are:

Blood of Heroes
Dark Crystal
Red Dawn
Repo Man
Rock and Rule
Heavy Metal
Weird Science
Real Genius
My Science Project
License to Drive
Breakfast Club
Sixteen Candles
Pretty In Pink
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Weekend at Bernie’s
Stand By me

My goodness, I could go on and on. Myself and a friend of mine are now making a list of all the 80’s movie we own and we’re going to spend the next few months watching them all. I am pumped for this.


Transformers: The Movie
Back to the Future
The Princess Bride
The Blues Brothers
The Breakfast Club
Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels


The Empire Strikes Back
Raging Bull
The Blues Brothers
The Stunt Man
Superman II
History of the World, Part 1
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Blade Runner
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Return of the Jedi
Superman III
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
The Terminator
The Neverending Story
Back to the Future
Return to Oz
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Stand by Me
An American Tail
Top Gun
Wall Street
The Princess Bride
The Untouchables
Lethal Weapon
Die Hard
Young Guns
Talk Radio
Born of the Fourth of July
Dead Poets Society
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen
Field of Dreams
Do the Right Thing
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure


You do that and yet you missed loads of great movies.


Oh, there’s plenty I haven’t seen, and some stuff I just rate differently.


Ok. Let´s see.

Back to the Future. King among movies.
Raider of the lost Arc. Adveture 101.
The Thing. Great Horror movie.
Die Hard. C´mon… you know you love it.
Batman. It had to be here.


Yeah, I always thought it’s pretty flawless movie, given the setting and subject matter. Cheesy? Yes, but it had to be.

Now, surprise no one mentioned First Blood (including myself, oh, what a shame😥). The best of all Stallone’s movies IMO, and true classic.


Sweet troubles. I recall my friend wondering why Big Trouble in little China sucked at the box office. I thought it had pretty big competition. 1986 was the year of, beside, said BTILC:
About Last Night, Aliens, Cobra, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Top Gun, The Fly, Critters, Manhunter, Police Academy 3, 9 1/2 Weeks, F/X, Little Shop of Horrors, Stand by Me, Friday 13th 6, Star Trek 4, Three Amigos, The Golden Child, Heartbreak Ridge, Poltergeist 2, Platoon, Salvador, Highlander, Raw Deal, Back to School, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Hannah and Her Sisters, Youngblood, Karate Kid 2, Running Scared, The Color of the Money, The Wraith…


Transformers: The Movie
The Naked Gun
Die Hard
Young Guns 2
The King of Comedy (so damn under appreciated!)
Lethal Weapon (so tight)

Stumped for a justified 10th.


Goodfells and Young Guns 2 are both from the 90s (1990 to be precise)


My “best of” list would be very conventional, and full of caveats. ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ is my favourite movie but ‘Gandhi’ is a better film.

There are lesser films that have stuck with me, if only in part. ‘My Science Project’ isn’t classic Amblin, but it’s typical Amblin and watchable despite it’s flaws. 'Summer School’s great fun and ‘Gotcha’ impressed me, mostly for Linda Fiorentino :heart:

Then again ‘Explorers’ is something special, and often forgotten.

So many movies!



I did! Let us celebrate with cake :cake:


Holy cow, I had to just put the list down and not give it too much thought. Otherwise I could easily justify twenty other movies being on the listl

The Princess Bride
The Untouchables
Pretty In Pink
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure


I don’t think I can do that .Instead I’m going to narrow it down to the 10 80s movies I enjoyed the most during the 80s that I would rewatch again right now.

The Goonies
Teen Wolf
Police Academy 4
Licence to Drive
Armed and Dangerous
Short Circuit 2
Gleaming the Cube
Crocodile Dundee
Weekend At Bernies
Jumpin’ Jack Flash


They are indeed from 1990, which is the final year of the 80s.





No, 1989 is the last year of the '80s. You can tell because it starts with an eight.


Well, the thing is, and that’s why I didn’t put The Shining, 'cuz the movies is made in 1978-79. Release date mean no much to me. And I always thought it’s important to give the credit the time the movie was shoot.
But I know, for e.x, that, The Long Good Friday, which is released in 1980, actually has copyright on 1979, seen during the end credits.