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The best Green Lantern cover you've never seen


Don’t mock. It’s an Alex Toth I think. But man. To choose a dog for the cover when you have a guy with a magic ring…


Maybe they should put a dog on the cover of the last GL movie DVD, might sell more copies?





I don’t think that it needed any help to tell people that the movie was a dog :smile:


Isn’t there some adage about selling more copies if you put dogs and children on the cover?


IIRC, apes and gorillas were something that always boosted sales for DC.


And people crying.

Hence ‘Weeping Gorilla Comix’.


I didn’t know that…I’ve read all of Promethea and never got that.


Supposedly the colour purple was another factor that boosted sales when it was on the cover (which is why quite a few of the Weeping Gorilla images have purple on them).


I loved the movie! But clearly it would have been more successful if it had featured G’Nort…