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The Best Comic Cover of All Time.


You get one shot at this. No second thoughts. I’m going with Fred Ray’s war-time Superman cover as it seems to provide the template for a million great covers after, I love the use of black and it makes me feel weirdly patriotic when I’m not even American…



This one did a great job of tying together the old and the new. And Gil Kane was one of the best cover artists in the business. Bought it when it came out, and it’s still in my collection.



Dammit @MartinSmith you just beat it to me.


I suspect this might be linked into when we first discovered comics as kids, but honestly I don’t think any cover has ever topped this one.




And only because Groo is the best comic of all time to boot.



Oh man, that brings back memories. They all do, but I recall being stunned when I saw that one.


All-Star Superman #10 - This cover really encapsulates Superman for me.


So powerful that when I got the original issue of this as a kid in the 80s, I thought Spider-Man continuity ended in the 60s and I was basically reading what-if or elseworlds stories.


Late to the party, but I’ve got a few .

This Jaws homage has always been a personal favourite.

Secret Wars #8 is just straight up iconic

And then the recent Batman #36 gives some of the creepiest vibes. I love it.


It has to be Bolland for me.

I could have chosen from about 50, but this is still the one that sticks in my mind:


Always really liked the Dark Empire covers:


Dark Empire covers are very nice, can’t say the same for the content within…


Hey, no slagging Cam Kennedy allowed!



I love the comic covers from Mallrats and Chasing Amy. That one’s by Joey Q no less. :wink:



I can’t do this one. This is way too difficult.