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The AV Club on Mark Millar & Stan Lee's movies


This is absurdly flattering. Of course I like it! Stan is my hero. My absolute hero!



I really do not see you going to writing movie scripts. Things seem to be going swimmingly as they are, and you’re a comic book guy. That jump to a 200+ script just does not quite seem to fit.

The offer’s always open to give me a shot at scripting! After these years, it’s more like a lame reminder. But if you ever want to try somebody mostly outside the biz - for no reason other than to show just how hideous a script could be - be glad to write something up just for fun. May do that over in Creative anyway!

Just tryin’ to buy a Kindle for my comics! (And Adler and Freud, but that’s just me. :blush: )


It’s the AV Club’s style to end a news item on a hit-and-miss joke.

Also scripts are much shorter than 200 pages.


The rule of thumb when I was in film school was a page per minute of screen time. So maybe some of the Hobbit or LOTR films had 200 page scripts. :wink:


What’s funny I think is the disdain for comic books the mainstream often has. Like our job is a step towards writing in another medium. My rep has meant for years I could write any number of movies, but I’ve turned down every offer. I’m a comic guy. I didn’t get into it to get out of it, but I guess if you’re not a comic fan you don’t realize it.

Chrononauts as I’ve mentioned was an idea I had which Universal wanted to buy from me outright, same money and big producer fee, but I just didn’t want to. It was a comic in my head. It’s nice having the movie too and am happy to have that movie money with Sean who - out of everyone I’ve ever worked with - is the hardest working and most talented guy.

Love him and v proud of how this comic looks. Movie will be great as will the lunch-box and the hoodie, but it’s a comic first and foremost :smile:



In the mid-00s there were a couple of guys who used comics as a launch pad for other work, and I think really helped perpetuate that idea.

I always thought it nonsense. Even BKV who literally went to film school couldn’t stay from comics for long even after his Hollywood dreams came true.


I wish there was a mainstream film or TV show out there as good as Saga is.

Most of any medium is not very good but it does amuse me often that there’s a presumption film or TV are automatically better. The From Hell film is complete pants compared to the comic, Daredevil launched today and everyone is just hoping it’s half as good as ‘Man Without Fear’.


Same with books, though, right? I mean, I know a lot of people (sadly) who prefer the watch movie of a book rather than the book itself, but more often that not, the book is actually better.


Jim Salicrup asked me a while back to read and give an opinion on Seduction of the Innocent. I could not do it! That book pissed me off so much! What evil, what manipulation, what McCarthyism, what a pile of :shit: !!!

Above all else, in the first world, people hate to be shamed or embarrassed. It is levels of magnitude past being convicted of a crime or death. Yet, there is endless shaming of the comics community; despite becoming the top money-maker genre when it comes to movies (and, soon, TV). This is why I despise Kevin Smith. He used a Tonight Show gig at SDCC to shame and embarrass cosplayers on national TV just so, as he thought, he could “look cool”. One negative reinforcer like that can -and does! - undo years of positive work by a huge number of creators and fans.

There is something for just about everybody when it comes to comics. They have not been even primarily capes for decades. Oh, we love our capes! We hold them to the very highest standard. But there are Westerns and romances and Sci-Fi and High Art and personal diaries and every other genre imaginable. What we need to do as a comics community is use all this information to ream the bejayzus out of anyone who tries to use comics to shame or embarrass anyone. Creators - especially the evil Smith - need public vilification and an abrupt stop to income. We need a higher profile for creators who speak to the current market (like you, Mark). people who speak with intelligence and knowledge.

And we need to protect our cosplayers and wannabes much better from such verbal attacks!

It’s been sixty years for me, and fifty-some with that horrid book having an impact. I want it gone - more than I want to see the Confederate “battle” flag gone or the Kardashians gone. This whole demeaning attitude towards a growing and vibrant entertainment genre! Go. AWAY!

Really, it makes me feel quite violent and violated, and I do not tolerate such very well at all any more. No need to get agitated when indulging in a hobby! It boils down to social bullying, though, and I will not tolerate bullying in any circumstance.

See what happens when I find old threads?