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The 'Are You Excited About Corbyn?' Thread


I know I am.

Here’s me in the pub last night with my new daily paper, such has been my radicalisation process. Note how appropriately unshaven I am…




You can get more radicalized than that can’t you? :wink: Nice pic BTW


I am excited as I think it means a break from the narrative that has been successfully driven by the Conservatives for the past however-many years.

I think the ideas Corbyn is exploring will be sufficiently different that Labour will actually be able to set the political agenda to some extent, rather than being reactive as they largely were in the lead-up to the last election.

It remains to be seen whether he has the qualities necessary to be an effective leader, I think. But either way we’re going to be getting something genuinely different for a change.


In a serious answer I don’t know where it will go, it may all collapse tomorrow but I can’t see Labour increasing any support with a Kendall style slightly watered down version of the Tories.

They may as well let Corbyn try and shape peoples views with some conviction rather than aim for a bland centre ground like last time that got them nowhere and lost them Scotland and a lot of votes to the Greens and UKIP in their heartlands in England and Wales.


In a word: yes!


I’m excited and have also (entirely coincidentally) started growing a beard. Truly these are wild times we’re living in.


Am I “excited” about Corbyn? Define “Excited”.


After the last few Labour leaders a bowl of pudding would seem exciting. I guess we’ll get to find out who Britain really is.


By the way I already love this attack on the Tories he made today.

Seeking to draw new distinctions between Labour and the Conservatives, Corbyn said: “They call us deficit deniers; they spend billions cutting taxes for the richest families and for the most profitable businesses. What they are is poverty deniers.


I was far more excited when I thought this was a Chrononauts casting announcement.


I has something to do with a place where their dollars are made with L’s instead of S’s. I’m not sure it exists. :wink:


I actually am pretty excited to see what his elections represents: a major European left-wing party potentially going the way of not being ashamed of left-wing ideas anymore. I would like to see the same happen over here, really. Not that there’s any chance of that, with the current SPD.



Wait so he’s the white British version of this guy?


I love that guy, he should be President.

On a serious note New York had rent controls before his complaints, the UK doesn’t and it was just shown today that despite inflation being at 0% property value increased 5% in a month. That’s nuts.


He doesn’t have my vote until he stops beating around the bush and tells the people where he stands on rent.


I think this is a historic moment, but I wont pretend to know which way history is going to go?

Corbyn is under scrutiny like few people ever experience, and under pressure like few can survive.

I know I agree with him on the lack of compassion and fairness in Conservative Party policies and that any Labour Party that doesn’t oppose these policies isn’t worthy of the name.

But what about everything else that makes a party and, possibly, a government?

That remains to be seen.


Amid all the media insanity over Corbyn, this was a more measured take:


On the one hand it’s a refreshing new option, on the other hand it will take votes away from SNP again in Scotland which gives us two left parties with diluted support up here.

I do like the guy and hope he can be the one that halts this direction Britain has been heading in for decades.

Like Jim says, there’s no excuses now from the people of Britain - our true identity is going to be revealed.